The republicans are already screwing this thing up

They have given the democrats 24 hours for their opening statements. Good God almighty. Why, why, why? To discuss a phone call that we already have the transcripts for? 24 hours? This could be done in 24 minutes. Easily. After the House debacle, most Americans are barely hanging on. Rapidly losing interest. At this rate, they will end up drawing this out for two or three months. Two or three months discussing a two minute phone call. Ugh! What’s worse, is that everybody already knows what the outcome will be. The President will remain in office. It’s a forgone conclusion. A done deal. Did our politicians take an oath to bore us to death? Political freaks like us may be able to hang with it for a week or two. After that, I have little doubt that I will be too bored to pay attention. This is a super slow motion train wreck. :sleeping::sleeping:

If it’s a foregone conclusion that Donald remains, how is the GOP screwing things up? If the American people are already bored, why not let the Democrats drone on and further alienate/anger the people?


Actually they’re making fools out of themselves.

And Trump team will be able to respond in next 24 hours…so they get the last laugh.

Also you see where ■■■■ for brains claim they have overwhelming evidence…but yet demands the senate to look for it. :wink:

By taking a situation that should last two or three weeks and making it last months. In those months we will have the same arguments repeated for the tenth time. Why the hell do we need all of this redundancy? Unless putting us to sleep is their goal. :yawning_face:

Why do you refer to people with childish names?

Why do you only care when we do it?

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You mean like Shifty? That’s the name that I use for Shifty Schiff. We do it because we’re conservatives. And we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That’s why we get invited to parties and such. :partying_face:

GOP can draw it out and show the voters how rhe Do Nothing Dems are wasting the nation’s time and money. Sympathy builds for innocent Donald, who stands to one side beating his chest and wailing “See how they wrong me, folks!” Wins re-election most bigly. America profits.

What could go wrong?

Worry about yourself. It’s what teach my children. Will you answer the question?

Thank you for answering.

Maybe you should take your own advice.

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This. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I didn’t call you a childish name. You deflected. Will you answer the question?

My pleasha!

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Lol if that’s your only concern then switch off and enjoy life. It’s a foregone conclusion, no need to pay attention. :yum:

And I didn’t call you a childish name…so using your own words, worry about yourself.

I’d like to have genuine discussion. It’s why I come here. If you can’t answer a very simple question it’s hard to have real discussions. You obviously don’t want to answer, so I’ll move on.

You’re not required to watch every minute, any more than any other trial. Like most normal people, just read up the next day. :roll_eyes:

Oh, and Senate proceedings aren’t meant to be “entertainment”.


Rand Paul said 45 Senate R are ready to dismiss.

The rest are getting closer the more Schiff talks.

This was a couple hours ago.


It’s not a transcript.