The Republican Party will be the Party of Health Care!

So awesome! President Trump and the Republicans are going to tackle health care.

What reforms do you want Trump and Republicans to put forward to improve health care in our country? Other than “Repeal and Replace” I don’t really know of any details.

What do you think they are going to propose?

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So President Trump says he wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Do we believe him? I think he’s lying, as usual. He knows Republicans don’t want that. It’s just another con.

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I believe the Trumpist Republican Healthcare overhaul will be worded similar to the following:

If you can afford it, please consider buying health insurance for you and your family.
If you cannot afford it, well then we’re sorry. You’re out of luck. Please don’t die on my street.


Well whatever it is, I am sure it will cost more and have worse results.

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I wonder if it made Republican politicians happy to hear President Trump promise that the Republican Party was going to be known as the party of health care?

Nah, they probably don’t care. They know who he’s talking to, and that his audience believes everything he says, even when he does nothing.

Lets just go with the plan trump had from day 1 where everyone will het the best coverage and government pays for it all but nonone will mind because so much money will be saved…

That plan sounds awesome…


It will probably benefit people born wealthy.

This would be the time to pull that out, wouldn’t it?

Do you think that plan exists? Or was it just a lie for his target audience?

Trump has already said recently that if McCain had not voted against the Republican healthcare bill, we would have saved $1T and had the best healthcare plans in the world. He once again shows how clueless he is on the subject.
I believe he wants this issue to be out there all the way to the next election. “Elect me and you will have the best healthcare”.
“Oh, and I am going to give the middle class an additional 10% tax cut”. “Trust me”!


Forcing the Republicans to come up with a Health Care Plan that literally no one will like is some nth dimensional chess.

It is already playing well among the GOP congress.

A senior House Republican aide texted: “Members feel like [the Mueller report announcement] was great and Trump stepped all over it that message with the Obamacare lawsuit announcement.”
They’re also exasperated about Trump’s substance-free declaration that Republicans will become "The Party of Healthcare.” Republicans aren’t united on health care, and they have been unable to advance a replacement for the ACA.

Any other President who did this would be accused of trying to tank their own re-election chances. But no, this is Trump. He’s a moron.


It’ll be the “Party of Don’t Care”.


They really just can’t keep from stepping in their own ■■■■ can they? And I, for one, am thankful for that.

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Lol that is so funny.

Republicans want nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with fixing health care.

Because doing that, means helping people not born wealthy.

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It means that they would actually have to legislate and that is something that they haven’t done in years.

Also, this benefits Democrats greatly. A lot of Dem presidential candidates were pushing universal healthcare, now Trump has pushed the fight back to the middle and lets candidates focus on just keeping Obamacare. It makes Dems look more evenhanded. Again, Trump is a moron.


If you want to bring the cost of health care down, we need to outlaw employers paying for insurance. People need to buy their own to bring market forces to health care.

To get universal health care, Norways taxes the poor about 40% of their income. Then you always have to pay something when seeing a doctor. And like all socialized medicine countries they have bed shortages and long waits…

Excellent! Good thing no one will be talking about that anymore. We’ll be talking about a health care plan that most Americans want to keep. Something republicans are against apparently.