The Reason Why Minorities Don't Vote Republican

The reason Why?

Listen to utter silence of republican leadership in response to Trump’s racist remarks over the last week.


Why ask for political courage from the Republicans when it’s just a lot easier for them to sit back while media figures shout at the right about the Democratic Plantation?

Not to worry, the libs are here to save everyone. Just conform.


Lol next you are gonna tell me water is wet… Serious the lost the minority vote claiming black people were on the “democratic plantation”

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Lame meme.

(D)epends on the audience of course. :wink:

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®ight you are.

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Classic con response because really they have no black voice.


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Yes. Republican leadership should have pointed out that Baltimore is indeed rat infested and that those who equate minorities with rats are the racists- not Trump.

We don’t need “black” voices, just voices.

Y’all don’t need “black” voices, you just need people to feel angry and hopeless. :wink:


Yeah, that’s double down. When you got a good thing going, DOUBLE DOWN.

Yeah, that’s double down. When you got a good thing going, DOUBLE DOWN.

What’s the white conservative doing in that picture?

Yeah, that’s hopelessness. When you’re (D)ude isn’t in the White House, the sky is falling on all the hopeless little hens. :wink:

Your meme reminded me of this video…

Liberals explain why voter ID requirements are racist.


Trump should walk down the hall and hit up Kush. He can directly help the situation in a meaningful way, since he is a prolific Baltimore slumlord.

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“They don’t really know how it works… they’re not informed.”

Thank God all those white liberals are here to save the hopeless and helpless black people, huh? lol


Republican got 9% of the black vote in 2018.