The Reality of Extended Background Checks-Mental Health Evaluation

Among the other “sensible gun safety laws” we’re told we must pass and enforce to be “more like Europe” are mental health evaluations for all potential owners buyers.

This couldn’t possibly go wrong could it?

No not at all, we just end up with doctors refusing to certify patients as eligible based on their own prejudices and political persuasion.

Don’t you already fail a government background test in America if you have been commitment?

The law deem a right as something that need to be obtained not something that need to be removed, which is very frighten when applies to other rights.

Wait, isn’t there already something similar to that in place? I noticed that in some states, if you have a history of domestic violence or psychiatric hospital stays, you weren’t allowed to purchase a firearm.

Which has nothing to do with what we are discussing.

It would make the law completely pointless and nothing more then a power grab since law already exist to do the exact thing its trying to achieve.

What on earth is this even supposed to mean? What law? What country?

Completely false.

There is no preexisting requirement to pass a mental evaluation in order to own or bear in the US.

Such a requirement would eliminate the right altogether and replace it with a heavily restricted privilege.

The law proposed in the OP in which you would need a doctor to “approve” your mental state to own a fire-arm.

since owning a fire-arm is a right in America, it wouldn’t make sense because a person has rights inherit unless removed by Judaical, which would make the law a complete power grab and illegal.

I’m agreeing with you.

So you’re actually agreeing that the expanded background checks and mental health clearances as proposed would be a clear violation of our rights?


Yes, Rights are inherit you don’t need clearance to use them you have them by default the government need to prove in court you shouldn’t have them you don’t need to prove that you should have them.

owning a firearm is a right in America like any other.

Well you’re making progress but no, it’s not a right like any other, it is specifically protected and comes with the highest level of protection mentioned anywhere in our constitution, “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

That prohibition on gov’t does not exist for any other right enumerated or otherwise.

Which can damage more lives? A citizen with a gun? Or a politician with the power to create laws? No mental health tests for gun owners before politician have to pass mental health tests to run for office.

All it takes is a politician with a good line of BS and polished delivery to result in the deaths of millions…

Flint. Iraq WMD. Fast and furious.

Just do what the drug addicts do and go doctor shopping.

Ah, using the old Game Laws again. History really is circular.

No such thing as slippery slopes, No Sir!

No, it takes a person with a good line and the voters and the government and …

Really? I would not call Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Or Peron good people.