The real reason Trump didn't go to his NJ golf course

He says he cancelled the visit to make sure law and order is enforced. But surprise, surprise… he’s golfing in Virginia today.

I think Conway’s theory is right on the money. Anyone else remember when Trump said he’d be too busy to golf? How much taxpayer funds have been used for his weekend golf visits to his own properties (in essence he pays himself during every visit)?


Just out of curiosity, is VA mandating masks now?


Weather has nothing to do with it.

There are simply better bunkers at Trump National.


He lied to his supporters’ faces yet again. It’s a practiced move and repeated move.

It’s an interesting study for sure to observe the ease with which his supporters continue to revere him so with zero sense of discomfiture.

What a leader. Inspiring.

Russia offered the Taliban bounties for dead Americans. Trump learned about it and did nothing. In fact, he tried to get Russia invited back into the G7.

Sure, it’s not Fifth Avenue, but bodies in Afghanistan should count, no?

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Who cares?

LOL !!

He is saying he personally has to stay in DC to enforce LAW and ORDER ?? How, by standing outside of the White House with shotgun ?

Only people who care when they’ve been lied too.


You’re thinking of Joe “Two Blasts” Biden.

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Shoot em in the leg Joe

Seems like this weird area where they’re mandated, but not really enforced at the moment. I did a little shopping today and it seems like about 75% are wearing them. Myself included!

Yes, but Trump don’t care. He ignores laws.

So says one of the many posters who railed on 44 every time he golfed.

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Nah, he’d cower in the bunker again with the WH lights off. And then tweet something like he’s in charge.

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Tell me you were perfectly fine with all of Obama’s golf outings and I’ll believe that you believe what you’re actually saying.

Good question. Hard to tell which his supporters are most all in on. The golfing? Or the lying to their faces about the golfing?

Wait - that can’t be. I’ve been told he’s Mr. Law and Order

Apparently Hannity Libs do.

They only start these kind of threads on days that end in “Y”