The Real I.D. is it just another government scam

I am wondering about the real I.D. does anyone have any info. about them is this another way for the
government to keep tabs on us or build a big folder with everyone in it.


My Missouri License does not meet the requirements to be considered a “real” ID. Can’t get on an airplane with it.

My VA card meets the requirements. :man_shrugging:

What do non veterans do?

In Missouri? Mostly pot or meth or heroin. :rofl:


Well everyone knows that! How do they get a real id compliant id?

They probably go get an ID that qualifies as “real”. :man_shrugging:

I’ve heard some states didn’t get it done but not which states. I mean… if Florida can do it Missouri has no excuse lol.

Missouri doesn’t make excuses, they make messes. lol

Missouri has Real ID compliant IDs, if someone has an old one before their renewal cycle they can get a new one prior to Ocotober 1st deadline.

LOL. No, really, I laughed out loud. It’s a crazy world we live in.

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Ah, thanks. So it’s happening but not complete yet. Lol.

Sweet, mine renews this December. Redundancy is good is good.

Fersher, no doubt about it.

Things like the Real ID tend to put me in a mental pickle. What’s worse is, I can see the argument for a national ID.

It’s a bitch. I hated the idea when it first became a topic. I think real id is a good compromise.

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Kinda strikes me as a first step TBH. :neutral_face:

Here in the People’s Republic of Maryland they send you letters, emails with a laundry list of “acceptable documents” to bring to the MVA to verify who you are. Tax receipts, utility bills, birth certificate etc. I made an appointment and took my US Passport. Five minutes later I’m done. No change to my DL, nothing. Clerk said something like: “oh, your ID has already been verified”. Huh?
I use my DL all the time flying, could that be why?

The potential is there.

Walk, to learn the error of their ways.

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