The real face of Tariffs


  • On June 26th, all major U.S. dairy groups and more than 40 cheese and dairy companies sent President Trump a letter respectfully requesting he cease and desist moving forward with tariffs on Mexican products imported into the United States.

  • Tariffs set to go into effect July 6 on U.S. dairy products of 20 to 25% will likely put a brake on those cheese sales, and open the market to competitors from the European Union. China has also issued its tariff schedule on U.S. cheese as well, with some of those ranging from 27% on whey products up to 33% on skim milk powder and fresh cheese.

Farmers having to resort to GoFundMe fundraiser to stay in business due to the tarrifs!

  • Over the past year, the state known as “America’s Dairyland” has lost 500 dairy farms, according to the State Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and something Dale has seen firsthand.

  • While Governor Scott Walker convened a task force to help address the problem, Dale said he believes the price of milk is more of a federal problem that needs a federal solution.

  • Dale said that, while he’s not a fan of tariffs, he believes Trump’s work on fair trade deals is going to help farmers.

Poor guy will go down with the ship for Trump…

And it is widespread for our nations hardworking farmers:

Mexico put the dairy tarrif on.

Not Trump.

Libs need to tell Mexico that its tarrif if hurting it’s own people… right libs? Isnt that what tarrifs do?

One person started the war, why do you hate our dairy farmers? :slightly_frowning_face:

Over the past year, the state known as “America’s Dairyland” has lost 500 dairy farms, according to the State Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and something Dale has seen firsthand.

Thanks Trump!

When did Trump’s tarrifs begin, Einstein?

Screw him. Actions have consequences.

I think the dairy tariff was in response to our tariff on their steel and aluminum.

Answer me, why do you hate our dairy farmers? Soon few will be left… :pensive:

Cheese export to Europe has increased, also Farm Journal is predicting raising milk prices.

So who’s lying?

Propaganda ministry or the farmers in the know?

“For 2018, the Class III price is raised on the stronger whey price. The Class IV price forecast reflects higher butter and NDM prices,” the report says. “For 2019, both Class III and Class IV prices are raised. The all milk price is forecast higher at $16.60 to $17.00 per cwt for 2018 and is increased to $16.70 to $17.70 per cwt for 2019.”

Trump supporters don’t seem to understand you can’t try to bully countries and expect to not get punished.

Why do you cheer when so many farmers have lost their livelihood? That is pretty cruel, and just for politics…

You are going to cherry pick a statistic to deny the pain and suffering of our farmers? SICK!

Ummmmm … so Heisenberg…assist Einstein and tell us when did those Trump tarrifs began? 12 months ago?


So how could Trump be responsible for dairy losses over the past year? And if those dairy farms actually did shut down, it would not have been over some conditions they just began to experience over the past 18 months.

Yep higher prices because of reduced production.

Why are you guys lying?

They are forecasting rising milk prices while the media is trying to convince people that tariffs are hurting farmers?

Who are you going to believe?

The propagandist? Or the forecasters?

Tell that to Dale and the 500 other farms that closed, you are SICK!

Conan wanted to burn everything in this country down… that’s why he supported Trump.

This is exactly what he was looking for, apparently.

U.S. dairy exports are off to a record start in 2018. Many factors are responsible, including increasing demand driven by robust global economic growth. In the first four months, U.S. dairy exports were equivalent to 16.8% of milk solids produced—well above the historical average. April, set an all-time, single- month high, as U.S. exports equated to 18.8% of milk solids produced. Growth has been broad-based across product lines and geographies. But in volume terms, no country or region has grown more this year than South East Asia. U.S. shipments of milk powder, cheese, whey products, butterfat and lactose to SE Asia rose 34% in the first four months, or 87 million pounds. This should not come as a surprise. SE Asian dairy potential is one reason USDEC signed an agreement in May with the Food Innovation and Research Center at Singapore Polytechnic.

Seems to me you can’t get enough of that left-wing propaganda can you?

Those aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, higher prices are caused by Dairy Famers doing poorly. Do Trumpers not understand basic supply and demand laws?