The question this election is do we allow the coastal elites

I grew up in deep red rural America. My home town is under 1000 people, but even that was about 10 miles away.

However, I was called a liar for talking about it so I should probably hold my tongue.

Obama wasn’t on the ballot in 2010, or 2016, but that didn’t stop repugs and elistist R snobs from running on anti-Obama platform.

Eat your elistist peas, lib.

We get a chance in 2 weeks. And if by coastal elites you mean people who live where most people live and maybe went to college or crack a book now and again then yeah, I want to elect snobs. People who wouldn’t eat kfc on Air Force one. People who maybe don’t think the pinnacle of joy is chasing a porn star around a hotel room in tighty whiteys while my wife is home with our newborn son. People who arent terrified of sharks and properly cooked steak.

Bring on the ■■■■■■■ snobs, please.

Yeah, Trump may not literally be on the ballot, but he’s totally on the ballot.

I think Trump and his supporters are trying to get ahead of finding a way to deflect blame.


Sigh, you’re not wrong. What is one supposed to do against such utterly mindless irrationality?

It reminds me that just a little bit of dog poop on your shoe will make everything around you smell like poop.

I don’t know. Pointing it out only seems to cement them further, at least until they ignore you outright. It doesn’t help to be polite either. You’ll be met with the same anger and derision. They hate you and they hate your ideas. At least that’s been my experience.

Better that you do it than to have any of us do it.

The sad part is I’m not even a liberal.

At least; I wasn’t before Trump. If there’s one thing the Trump era has shown me, it’s that everything I used to think was a Conservative principal is a lie.

Absolutely. The OP certainly is with the constant spamming of the forums with the same general themed opening time and time and time again. The fear is palpable and the victimization is at red alert status.


The OP is always championing “the common man” in the midwest. By his own admission, he lived in the midwest for about an hour and a half.

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Maybe we should just start ignoring these type of threads…they add zero value to the forum.


I ignore the OP. I like talking to you guys, though.


That must be what it’s like in prison…everyone saying “I dint do it”.

Yeah… you arn’t a lib. lol.

Maybe horseface thread is better suited for most libs.

Or how about Why isn’t Trump nicer to Melania.

Or one of many threads about pornstar.

That’s a really good point. Listening to adults whine and cry is of very little entertainment or conversational value to these forums. It’s little more than a callout thread anyway. A way to broad-brush everyone the OP is scared for his little life of. Kind of sad really, to see these constant spamming posts.

We all know what type of thread this is. I’m out…I have better places to be…


Ignoring them is one way.

Co-opting them to discuss the motivation and insights into the minds of the diehard Trump supporters is far more interesting.

The idea that Trump is deeply popular and they represent some silent majority is extremely important to his populist mantle when in actuality they’re really just a collection of special interest groups.

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For the diehard supporters perhaps. But that’s not applicable to the OP. It’s something completely different and substantially less interesting to me. Trolls spamming the forum with the same thread over and over again have been a dime a dozen over the many years I’ve posted here. And never would I use interesting to describe such behavior personally.