The question this election is do we allow the coastal elites

snobs to run congress?

Or do we reward democrats for their bad behavior?

Allow them to use congress as a political weapon against Trump but more important his supporters who are blue collar workers?

At the end of the day this is what it boils down too.

This is what this election is about. Do we allow elitist snob back in?

Or leave em on sidelines so they have the time to reflect more on their behavior.

That is the question come Nov.

Trump supporters complaining about costal elites.

It doesn’t seem like there was a lot of thought that went into this post.


You have probably spent hundreds of hours carrying water for a billionaire from New York who has likely never done a hard day’s work in his life and spends his days looking for new ways to insult people on Twitter.

But yes, tell us about the coastal elites and their bad behavior.

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Do we allow the blue pockets to run congress?

You can’t make this ■■■■ up. Lol

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No, we allow uneducated morons in sparsely populated flyover territory to have full control of the US despite what the actual majority of people want.


Thanks for proving my point.

The question is do we want to reward this guys behavior…his attitude?

Look, all they want is the people to be properly represented. And by people, they mean acres.

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sigh Yes Conan the blue parts are where people live.

And you elected one of the most elite snobs to be commander in Chief so all of this hand wringing really looks silly, to be honest.

You certainly didn’t mind rewarding Donald Trump.

And now we get to listen to them complain about people being labeled uneducated morons (which was a bad thing to do) after making an OP that labels others as elitist snobs.

The silliness never ends.

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Again thanks for proving my point.

As I said…snobs from democrat enclave/strongholds.

When I lived in CA, my town had a large population (90k). I moved to Texas, and the town I live in now actually beats it out at 110k. But in CA, the town is 16 square miles. In TX, the town is_110 square miles_.

Despite having a larger population, TX feels absolutely empty by comparison.

And all that red on the map. It’s aaallllll empty space…

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Yep, I’m a bad boy. I could have been nice.

But cranky, given the OP, why bother?

Yeah. We get it. People from rural America are better than everyone else.

How many threads does one need to make the same point over and over again?

Such as… Donald Trump.

Like, say, New York City?

Because it’s what some Trump supporters want. They want to provoke anger from others as a means to justify the anger and hatred they already feel.

You’re rewarding bad behavior, to steal a line from the OP.

Trump isn’t on the ballot. Libs will get their chance in 2 more years.

Jinx :champagne: