The Queen breaks COVID restriction for one special event

The Queen has limited her public life for two reason her age and COVID she rarely does Knighting anymore leaving that duty to her Son and Grand-Son. but the Queen found today to be a special case.

100 Year old WWII Veteran who capture the heart of the British people by raising over 30 million for COVID relief buy walking in the garden of his senior center.

Tom Moore will now be known as Sir Tom Moore after being knighted by the Queen today.

Queen Elizabeth knighted Captain Tom Moore on Friday, recognizing the 100-year-old for lifting the spirits of Britain during the gloom of the novel coronavirus outbreak by raising millions of pounds for health workers.

The Second World War veteran raised a record sum of 33 million pounds ($56.2 million Cdn) by walking 100 laps of his garden with the aid of a walking frame in April in the run-up to his birthday.

The Queen honoured Moore at an investiture at Windsor Castle, using her knighting sword


I love that.

Colonel Tom was/is a true inspiration to Brits (and I hope others) everywhere.

Absolutely fantastic he is now And forever Sir Tom.

Ahhhh… thought this was about Hillary.

Carry on.

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