The proxy war. More innocents

“The reality is that NATO and the United States, are now, without question, in a proxy war with Russia” ~ former CIA director and US defense secretary Leon Panetta.

War sucks.

Over more than four decades of Cold War, the U.S. (and their western allies) and Soviet Union waged multiple proxy wars across the globe. In the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and other armed conflicts, the superpowers funded opposing sides.

The difference of course being, Russia now longer has superpower status.


I mean what kind of superpower pulls a fiasco such as the Ukraine invasion. Their armed forces is undermanned and under armed yet Russia forces are taking a shellacking.



What kind of super power botches an Afghan withdrawal? :rofl:


Well Rissia and CHINA will fool the western world, Allan stand by, Bro

Bumbling Biden .

Let’s go Brandon

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I have no idea what you mean. But, that is only my issue to ponder.

Are the two really comparable?

Two super powers floundering in podunk. lol

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What kind of super power botches a whole war?:rofl:

All of them. :rofl:



Yes. I personally have acknowledged this is a proxy war. Here’s the thing: there wouldn’t be a war at all, but for the actions of one man.

And remember: Russia is an adversary of the United States




Not so much.

Their military is a sham.

Russians treat their armed forces really badly.

How many generals bit the dust in Ukraine?

You should protect your generals at all costs.


One with morons at the top. I’m sure the libs would love for everybody to just forget about it but that just isn’t happening for me.

There are still Americans left behind over there. :roll_eyes:

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China is using Russia as a thorn against the West.

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Cannot blame everything on Pukin’ Putin. But all y’all are good at the blame game.

Russia is using China as a wedge against the west. Let’s figure out DPRK’ renewed arms testing.

And you are good at the carryin’ Putin’s water game.