The protests will damage efforts to fight COVID-19

Within a week or two the cases of COVID-19 will spike. The rioting needs to be quelled using only as much force as necessary. No rubber bullets getting shot at teenage girls walking home with groceries, no pulling people out of cars that are keeping to themselves, no tackling people just because they walked by you. Arrest anyone who destroys stores, assaults bystanders, or kills anyone in defense of property when there is no escalation or threat to their life. Use the National Guard where the chaos touches everything while keeping the helicopters and drones out of it. Where it is prudent, charge people for violations of COVID-19 countermeasures where they exist. Censure the representatives that have demanded hunting down protesters or rioters like “terrorists in the Middle East”.

I hate everyone.

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Arrest them for what?

Whatever the charge is according to each state’s laws. Manslaughter, homocide, etc.

So nothing in most states.

I think it’s something in most states. If that is true, then maybe I agree with them without realizing it.

In most states, citizens are allowed to protect their property.

I’m not against that. There’s more than one set of circumstances that constitutes defending property.

Texas Penal Code 9.42

A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property:

(1) if he would be justified in using force against the other under Section 9.41 ; and

(2) when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:

(A) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime; or

(B) to prevent the other who is fleeing immediately after committing burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, or theft during the nighttime from escaping with the property; and

(3) he reasonably believes that:

(A) the land or property cannot be protected or recovered by any other means; or

(B) the use of force other than deadly force to protect or recover the land or property would expose the actor or another to a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury.

So…anyone who decides they will use this crisis for their own criminal gain in Texas needs to realize they are taking a big chance.

Please post section 9.41 as well.

Texas law isn’t perfect.

Yes. I cannot access it.

No, it isn’t. “Bowie” knives were illegal for a long time.

(a) A person in lawful possession of land or tangible, movable property is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to prevent or terminate the other’s trespass on the land or unlawful interference with the property.

(b) A person unlawfully dispossessed of land or tangible, movable property by another is justified in using force against the other when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to reenter the land or recover the property if the actor uses the force immediately or in fresh pursuit after the dispossession and:

(1) the actor reasonably believes the other had no claim of right when he dispossessed the actor; or

(2) the other accomplished the dispossession by using force, threat, or fraud against the actor.

Many thanks.

I agree the protests will set us back on COVID.

I also think the dumbest thing we could be doing is making lines of cops dressed like soldiers because it begs for escalation.

Also, it begs for the cops to use all these toys we gave them.

If you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

That doesn’t beat: not being allowed to own switchblades unless you qualify as a collector by owning more than one switchblade.

Jim Bowie was KIA at the Alamo.

Covid is so dangerous, we should just let these folks protest for 2 weeks, after which they’ll all be sick and dying of Covid. :rofl:

I feel about the protests the same way I feel about church. If you want to go and risk getting sick, knock yourself out. I’ll be in Church on Sunday because I get the reality behind Covid.

I did not know they were named after someone.

What do you mean people can’t protect their property?