The President to release FISA docs

The President has promised to release all of the FISA documentation around the the Carter Page FISA warrant.

I hope he does this. I am curious to see what is behind all of those black lines

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Excellent. I hope it happens soon. We have a right to know what this was all about. Maybe a little follow up explanation from the characters involved would be in order as well.

Why not release the entire Mueller report?

Uh huh…this isnt gone work out for him

I guess I was hoping he would take the high road and move on to other issues. I’m so sick of this never ending story.

The American people need to see the entire Mueller report, what’s the hold up?

DOJ guidelines about smearing people not charged with a crime?

Who said anything about smearing? Trump has said that the report exonerates him.

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Yeah, but he says a lot of things. Someone will change his mind if he still has one.

Agreed. He’s been promising the release of the unredacted FISA documents forever. Time to put up or shut up, and we all know he can’t shut up

There was no reason to wait till the end of the Mueller investigation. He could do this today, yesterday, last month, last year.

He’s still lying.

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Additionally, Mueller handled himself with the utmost professionalism. We didn’t see him in front of cameras talking about (or smearing) people. He showed up for work, got the job done, and went home.

Ok I read the word-salad cra-cra spewed by Dumpster Donnie in that link and it’s clear he is never going to release the unredacted FISA warrants, he’s just lying to the people he knows will knowingly swallow his ■■■■■■■■■

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Yep. I also don’t believe he will do this. He is a lying liar and the reality is if he were to do it, it would do nothing to support his Deep State claims. The suspicion and the conspiracy is what motivates the base. The facts disprove their ■■■■■■■■■


He did. His name has been dragged through the sewer for two years and he kept his trap shut and his head down and did his job. A true man and a true patriot. Grace and patience and working for the good of the collective country instead of himself. Been awhile since we’ve seen behavior like that.

I look forward to seeing more of his report.



Basically, what Trump does all the time


He’s not law enforcement, nor does he have department guidelines he is obligated to follow. Would you say he acted stupidly? You know, it we want to talk about Presidents smearing people.

If Trump isn’t bound by DoJ policy, then there’s nothing preventing him from releasing the entire Mueller report.


Trump supporters are sadly too uneducated to understand how much Trump is undermining the greatest justice system in the world.

How in God’s name have they become so lost???

Great question. Many of them have been conditioned through exposure to dark propaganda and serious confirmation bias to believe that other Americans are the greatest threat to them and their way of life. The true enemy.

Not that dissimilar to some other groups around the world that condition their followers to believe Americans are their enemy.