The President should invite Nancy to go to the border with him

Its kinda galling for someone that was not democratically elected to say they have the will of the people behind them then call any opposition to it as being against the people.


Maybe she can have 30 FBI agents with assault rifles go with her.

Just like when Pelosi and the Rest of the Democratic Politicians went on vacation
after vacation while government workers suffered, Nancy and the rest
of the Dems don’t want to go any where near the border. The just
want to act like they care, so they can have open borders ultimately,
and let illegals come in and vote for them.

Wanna bet?

Waaah waaah why cant i always get my waaaay waaah!

Then what is? A toy airplane? Motion sensors? What is 21st century security? None of the ideas that the dems mention prevent entry. None. They can only assist in apprehension. Is that the goal? To have more people in custody? Or is it to catch them, then turn them loose into the U.S. Because that is the only thing that the stooopid technological wall is capable of.

Wont stop the majority of illegals nor will it do anything about the companies that abuse the immigrant status of their workers to skirt labor laws. You guys decided to threaten the livelyhoods of government workers over this just like repubs always have been chanting for since Gingrich started this whole charade of shutting down the government to get his way Eat your humble pie.

We’ll google them as they cross illegally.


Or trump could build his toy wall and people could cross it with their toy ladders and toy ropes, and some people would cheer and clap.

How about this? If I win you must begin a thread stating why Altair is amazing. Sans sarcasm. If You win I must say the same about you. We can set a deadline of Memorial day to have a VERIFIABLE action plan for wall construction in place. Including funding. Fair enough?

I don’t do those kind of bets. But I will bet you $1K that he does not get his wall (which is not a fence, or repairs on existing border barriers.) I’m fine with the verifiable plan for wall construction by Memorial Day.

Put your money where your mouth is.

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I don’t want your money. I want to have some fun with this, and you want to punish someone financially. I don’t want to punish you. And I have no reason to expect payment anyway. You agreed to a bet. Now you say we can only bet on your terms? Yeah, I knew your reply was bogus.

Why would I be punishing you financially? You seem certain Trump is going to get his wall, no?

I’ll put my $1k in escrow with one of the mods if they agree to hold it until Memorial Day.

What part of I don’t want your money do you not understand? I just want to have a little fun. If you don’t, then fine I can live with that. We just need to move on before this gets too boring.

Then I guess you arent so sure afterall that Trump will be getting his wall.

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You are NOT a dim wit. So why are you acting like one? I told you the reason. If it is not sinking in, then I can’t help you. I am now completely bored with this. So I’ll be moving on girlfriend.

That’s not it.

What did Stacey Abram’s do to deserve to be ridiculed for her weight?

Yes, you told me your reason, which is that you do not want to be punished financially. But, since you said you were sure - enough to make a bet about it - how would you be financially punished?

Unless, of course, you aren’t sure.

The same thing Trump did…nothing. And yet where are the complaints about the repeated use of “Fat Donald”?

Who ridiculed Stacy Abrams for her weight? Surely not one of Donald’s supporters seeing how he is himself grossly overweight.