The President should invite Nancy to go to the border with him

Yep. He needs to do it. Invite her to fly down with him on Air Force one to discuss border security with the pros. Let her say no. Which she will. The go without her and remind people that she stiffed them.


And Nancy Pelosi should once again say the truth.

That Democrats are perfectly fine with funding border security and have repeatedly agreed to do so. Trump campaigned on a promise to build a wall across the southern border and have Mexico pay for it. When he was challenged on the veracity of such a claim he would routinely say “the wall just got 10 feet higher”. Of course, we all now know it was just another of his many lies. It’s not up to Pelosi and the Democrats to help Trump try to trick his base into believing he fulfilled a campaign promise.

Fat donald should invite her to see his Golf Resorts and hotels, so she can see first hand how many illegal aliens are still employed by his organization.


I think it would be a brilliant tactical move to ask her to go.

Fat Hillary should go to. Maybe she could interview a new house keeper?

Talking about Fat who was the lady giving the response to the State of the Union? I thought for a second it was Martin Lawrence in Big Mamma’s house.

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I like this idea plus maybe the illegals will see her and think that all american women are as ugly as she and stay away from us.

Hillary lost bro, get over it.


Trump won bro, get over it. :us:

It was Stacey Abrams. I think her friends call her Fat Stacey.

Trump should invite Pelosi to his accountant’s office to look at his taxes, so she can see how much the Russians paid him.


And what exactly did he do for them to demand payment? Kill three hundred of their troops? If they paid him, he certainly ripped them off. I am totally in favor of ripping off the Russians whenever possible. How bout chu?

Wait for the lecture about the difference between calling Trump fat and calling a woman, and a black one at that, fat.
Basically, one is misogynistic and the other is just Trump.

Have you ever been to the border?

I have been to the Tijuana border a few times, but that’s probably not what your asking?

Regardless Trump and Nancy at the border would make for some good reality T.V. give them some flashlights and night vision and film the whole thing.

Still not getting his wall.

Trump needs to stay out of the same camera frame as Pelosi as much as possible. That woman managed to throw shade applauding him and was like reading a book and opening fun size Snickers behind him during the SOTU.


Every time they get on TV together Pelosi stunts on him. That’s not a good look.

Everyone is still waiting for this big lecture, where is it?

We don’t need reality TV stunts. A wall is not 21st century border security and neither the House nor the Senate have the votes to fund the Trump Boondoggle.

Maybe Trump should meet the President of Mexico at the border, and get to The Art of the Deal, because it was Mexico that he promised would pay for his idiocy.