The President pelosi Scenario

laurence tribe suggests the possibility of san fran nan ascending the throne in January if there’s no clear winner before the inauguration.

If that’s not enough to scare people off of mail-in voting, I don’t know what is.

The whole idea gives me a gourmet ice cream headache.

Conservatives were already scared of mail-in

Mail the votes in, vote in person, hell - vote electronically for all I care. Just make sure you vote in the upcoming November 3 election. The longer we leave the Idiot - in - Chief in power, the longer we’re going to see these wacky scare tactics.

And, quite frankly, given what we’ve had in the WH for the past 3 1/2 years, Pelosi in the WH isn’t even that scary of an option.


Vote, vote, vote!

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Why does Trump, Pence et al vote by mail?

About a month ago I was listening to the former head of the Florida GOP. He said that mail-in voting was one of the main reasons Florida went and remains red.

Yeah, that’s the most baffling thing about this, mail in voting has been the Republican secret sauce for twenty years. You’ll notice during the decade plus of voter fraud screaming it never came up.

Trying to talk their rather elderly voter base into not voting by mail when it routinely gives them a one, two percent edge? That is a bold strategy, Cotton.


The possibility of a President Pelosi should probably give Republicans pregnant pause before backing Trump in any spirited play to try to confuse the election to death.


If that is not enough to get Trump to back off of violating the constitution, I don’t know what is.

Democrats would love it.

For me that’s the one thing worse than trump getting re elected.

Mail in already exists. I used it to help elect Trump. :grin: :us:

Biden’s brain is mush. Pelosi will be fighting AOC for control. And my money is on AOC. Nobody pushes that little Veruca around.

What’s a Veruca

Are you saying you submitted what Trump is saying was probably a fraudulent ballot?

Glad you asked. This is a Veruca. I kinda assigned the name to AOC. Pretty cute eh? And definitely accurate. :blush:


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You know nothing of Pelosi. AOC running things is an insane wet dream for conservatives.

As the great Sam Kinison once said. "Good answer: But it’s wrong! :grin:

I can’t believe you have to have this explained to you. Maybe your news services are lying to you? I’ll try. Here goes.

I asked the board of elections to send me a ballot. It came to my house with my name on it. I filled it out and sent it back. This process has been around for decades. If the DNC or CNN told you that Trump wants to stop this, they lied.

What? You mean the 400 Representatives that are more senior than her in rank won’t just roll over and let her take control? Why not? :rofl: :rofl: