The President of the United States tweeting profanity-laden video

For those of you fainting over Biden, the current president of the United States is tweeting profanity laden video. F-bombs. Can’t link, but it’s his tweet “Tough Guys for Trump”.

This is the official president Trump Twitter.

Isn’t that Bernie Sanders in the Prius?

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I believe it is the comedian that plays Sanders on SNL.

Imagine Obama tweeting an f-bomb laden video.

Nm, no one can even imagine it.

I believe he also said that impeachment was bs on live tv…you know because he is one of us…

He did, the word ■■■■■■■■■■ went out on live TV and radio. I heard it on the radio, and I heard Lester Holt apologize to people for having had to hear that language on the TV.

Pretty sure he said that after he mentioned firing that “sleazebag”.

Yeah…I thought so, who the hell cares if some snowflakes get bent over what Biden said.

We live in a non pc era thanks to trump oh that’s unless a dem says it and it can be used to play to their moral victimhood.

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Wow. Just wow. He tweets out a clip of a comedian that is making fun of his supporters that also happens to include a barrage of F bombs. This. Is. Our. President.

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Larry David. Created Seinfeld and has had his own show. Does a brilliant Sanders impersonation. And somehow Trump doesn’t know he’s making fun of him???


It’s just bizarre. We are the United States of America. We deserve better than this sewage.

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I knew he’d be unleashed after the “acquittal”. Well…enjoy!


This part is the best:

Larry David, who plays a caricature of himself on the comedy series, is actually mocking MAGA fans by wearing the red hat. He wears the MAGA hat throughout the episode in order to repel people in Los Angeles, and it works. He actually calls the hat a “people repulser.”

Get this. He loved it so much…he pinned it to the top of his feed. Ha ha ha!

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It’s good of Trump to promote Larry David’s show. I’ve got to go see the people repulser episode now.

Larry david is funny…this is also funny because trump is a moron…and thus this thread will be moved

I like when trump does this because it drives liberals crazy.

Yeah me too. I’m sure a lot of Trump supporters will be watching as well. Not sure if that’s gonna go so well.

Best Prezidunt EVUR

What happened to the country?