The President endorses a call for possible civil war

Someone need to take Grandpa phone away send in the interns with Matlock reruns.


Here comes the spin

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I think your a little off here. It’s the pastor suggesting it. I don’t see Trump calling for it in the tweet.

More fake thread titles. The President didn’t call for anything. What…are you the whistle blower?

What Trump says is closer to the truth than Beto’s claim that getting rid of Trum will unite us. Misusing the impeachment process to overturn the results of an election is not going to unite us. Quite the opposite.


He retweeted lol

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I will editing the title to say “The President endorses the idea of a civil war”

If he gets impeached it wouldn’t just be democrats, it would be republicans in the senate too.

So the President didn’t send out that Tweet? was it an intern.

Ya he was just retweeting it to you know thriw it out there as the president of the united states

Fat donald, you are not that important that anyone is going to war over you.

If impeached AND removed from office it will be R’s in the senate as well. He can be impeached in the house without a single R vote.

The President quoted what someone else said. The President did not call for any civil war, possible or otherwise. That is not a correct statement to say he did that.

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Looks like he just shared another’s tweet. Unless you can point out the actual words Trump (or his intern) added. Please and thank you.

The tweet is about removing him from office. He isn’t removed with a house vote.

Impeachment won’t overturn ■■■■■ Hillary won’t become President all of a sudden.

Sooooo … Trump doesn’t agree with the pastor’s tweet?

So Trump doesn’t endorse what he the views of the pastor?

He is endorsing what the pastor is saying just like when people who supported MLK Jr endorsed him by sharing written copies of his speeches among black communities.

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Actually, at least in that retweet, the pastor didn’t call for a possible civil war either. And if he had, copying wouldn’t have been the same thing.

Was Judo calling for a civil war because he copied the retweet?


Trump endorsed what the pastor said that is why he quoted him, without criticizing.

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