The President attends the NBA Finals

Nice to see President Barack Obama at Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the defending champions Golden State Warriors and the hometown Toronto Raptors. Obama is a huge basketball fan and is friends with Warriors’ star Stephen Curry. In Febuary, Obama and Curry were featured at a seminar in Oakland for Obama’s My Brothers’ Keeper charity.

Tonight, though, it was just basketball. Obama came in with Raptors’ president president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri and sat in the stands next to NBA commissioner Adam Silver as the game began. Obama got a standing ovation and an “MVP” chant from the fans.

(Go Warriors!)


Someone paid 65,000$ for courtside ticket to Game 1.

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Oppps…I assumed the wrong president. :sweat_smile:


They buy your ticket? :slight_smile:

He’s still our president.




Barry sitting on the sidelines as usual. At least he now is just watching basketball and not giving pallets of taxpayers money away.

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Yeah, Barack was on the sidelines. If you were expecting him to start at small forward for Golden State, I feel your disappointment.


No just pointing out the sidelines is where usually is, especially when he was president. Unless he was bowing in front of a foreign leader and apologizing for the United states.

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It’s a basketball game. Unless you’re a player, ref, or coach, you’re sitting on the sidelines. Have you seen a basketball game before? They can be pretty exciting, but it’s pretty uncommon for spectators to storm the court. If Barry did that, and I’m sure he could–who is going to say no to a guy who is more respected across the world than our current president?–I’m sure couchside Internet personalities would make posts about what an egomaniac Obama is.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that Obama could have stepped on court during the course of play, Curry would’ve held up his dribble and handed Obama the ball, and he could’ve taken three-pointers until he made one, all without a whistle.

But he always struck me as a big-hearted guy. I’m sure if you shared your feelings on the matter with him via letter, he’d sent you an apology and a autographed picture.


I hear he’s pretty good on the court. Not so good at bowling, though. :slight_smile:


And now we’re all apologizing for Trump.

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He wasn’t perfect, but I would have happily taken another 4 years of him as opposed to 2 of the nightmare we’re living with now.


Now I have to find out how you guys quote each other, because that looks cool.

Amen, amen to that! I know I’m in the minority, but listening to the audio version of Hillary’s book now and I’d gladly taken her in a nanosecond compared to Dumb Donnie.

Oh, I’m gonna like it here.

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I like the cut of your jib - welcome.

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Go to the Reply arrow and click on the balloon on the far left. That’ll quote the post (or posts).

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It was their money. But hey, just keep on repeating that lie.