The precedent the GOP is setting

its now 2021. president sanders takes the oath of office.
his first act. an executive order banning the sale or possesion of ar-15 type rifles
the NRA gets a court order to block the EO
sanders ignores it and starts confiscating the rifles.

because the GOP is basically making the president a dictator theres not much they will be able to do to block him…



What part of the constitution or law has Trump violated?

Please and thank you for SPECIFIC links.


Let me know when Trump starts rounding up abortion doctors.


His lawyers are arguing against the merits of Seperation of Powers

If the president, any president, uses public money for personal gain, do you think that’s acceptable as long as the president claims his personal gain is in the country’s best interests?

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It is mind boggling that this is being defended


lol… try again, it is his lawyers who are arguing for separation of powers.

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No they arent. They are literally argueing that he is unaccountable

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using that logic, a President could not do what he believes would benefit the public interest if it also happened to benefit himself politically.


That is some out of the box thinking right there.


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Or he could go through official channels instead of siccing his personal lawyer on foreign governments and creating hidden lines of communication to keep it from the public.

Nope. They are arguing that the house should have went to an article III court to settle their differences about executive privilege, validity of supbenaes, and immunity from compulsion.


lol… yeah, really hidden

Well, yeah, not hidden any longer.

when was it hidden?

Which court order against an executive order did Trump ignore?


Read all about it:

"Trump’s personal lawyer had bypassed established procedure for representing the White House with a foreign leader and had launched a secret back channel of communication with Ukraine. The shadowy moves were so potentially combustible that Bolton in private meetings earlier this year called Giuliani “a hand grenade who is going to blow everybody up.”

First of all, you are skipping a step.

One of the things trump was asking for has been completely discredited by the US intelligence agencies.

The crowd strike server is not in Ukraine.

Secondly, if trump thinks biden should be investigated, there is a process for this that is specifically designed to avoid even the appearance of conflicted interest. You refer it to the (supposed) non-partisan DOJ and let them handle it. Come what may.

Why do you reckon trump didn’t do that?

lol… calling it secret does not make it secret. tell us, which person on the planet did not know about it?



Most everyone on the planet did not know about them. That’s the nature of unofficial back channels.