The Positive Game!

Now I know there can be a lot of negativity on this site. So I figured I’d try something positive!
It doesn’t matter if the person above you is a Republican or a Democrat or anything on the left or right of the political spectrum or anything in between! Say one thing positive to the person above you! Anything positive at all. It can be as simple as wishing that they have a great day!

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You chose a good animal for your username.

I really like your friend on here. He said one of the funniest things politically I’ve ever herd, and I really needed to laugh like that. I’m Not lying. That was one of the coolest freaking things I’ve ever herd politically!

I like your profile picture, as well as both of your usernames. The wolf seemed so mysterious to me; always loyal to the pack with good dynamics, but can be alone and graceful as well.

image image

Good Luck to you FlameHeart!