The Pointy Haired Boss is evidently alive and managing a television station these days rather than an engineering firm

The Pointed Haired Boss lives. :smile:

Evidently the station management was making its meteorologists do “code-red” days and one meteorologist had enough of it and told the viewers it was all coming from station management. He has now evidently been fired.

Unfortunately, the management wants hype to boost ratings, while the meteorologists just want to do a professional job.

Fortunately, the guy has plenty of job offers and should be back to work at another station soon.

But this is classic Pointy Hair Boss stuff. :smile:

Poorly written article.
There’s not a word about what “Code Red” is supposed to mean. Does it mean a communist invasion? I guess it could.

Found the video in question. The Code Red alert apparently has to do with the potential for severe weather. He does a great job of explaining how the National Weather Service already does that with their standard radar maps.