The pettifoggery of 13 Rooskies

Article about how another federal judge has admonished the Mueller witch hunt. Seems the firm that employed the 13 Russian trolls sent over a lawyer to respond to the charges of “information warfare”. Which I’m not even sure is a crime in an election context, I mean isn’t everyone trying " to manipulate “unwitting” American citizens" in the elections. Ask Ben Rhodes. And what Federal law did they break? Granted these were foreigners, but’s that’s nothing new and under the Comey guides lines for a Hillary indictment “No one was ever prosecuted before”, why now?

Anyway the Mueller inquisition asked for a delay and the judge sad “no”…

“As such, the briefing sought by the Special Counsel’s motion is pettifoggery,”

“The Concord lawyers said Mueller’s attorneys were seeking “to usurp the scheduling authority of the Court” by waiting until Friday afternoon to try to delay a proceeding scheduled for next Wednesday.”

Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Other than the word of partisans like Clapper we’ve never actually seen any real evidence of the Russian trolls doing anything. Could be like WMD’s before the Iraq war.

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Another victim of Russian propaganda.

Plus 5 points for pettifoggery.

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Manipulation of Americans shows how easy it is to control the emotionalism of the masses through media, fake news, and faux intellectualism.

“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” ~ Thomas Sowell

Nothing better than having a judge tell you to get this going during midterms. Another bad day for the orange maniac and friends.

When all Trumpers have left to hope for is a speedy trial of a Russian corporation we get threads hailing judges for making routine legal rulings.

Meanwhile, shouldn’t the Libs be screaming about the judges being bias, or even worse, Mexican? Isn’t that how Trump’s leadership example goes? Surely they’ll be flooding the forums soon calling for this judges recusal, and acting a fool, as their republican brethren do in these moments.

now wait for those other countries to file charges against Americans for the stuff we do to influence elections. Libs have set a precedent they will likely regret. The junkyard dog bites everyone.

Pettifoggery is a dope word.

I’m literally going to accuse the neighborhood kids of such, next time I catch them doing what they do down on my beach.

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Elitist snob.

Damn right. I keep a praetorian guard of goats and mosquitoes down by the water too.


You’ve sunk so low that you’re now straight up defending the hostile actions of our biggest adversary? :us:

Remember when American Exceptionalism was a core value of conservatism? Ya, well, Trumpers don’t.

Israel is an enemy? Ukraine is an enemy?
Obama meddled in their elections.

China is our biggest adversary. Maybe the Russian laws to protect children is what has you thinking that Russia is our biggest enemy. But not so.


*America, and damn straight we do, hippy.

We’re the Shining City on the Hill throwing out 1 gajillion points of light and if you don’t like it you can git outta here.

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You’re describing talk radio and the punditry class perfectly.

Tangentially related to discussion here, but have you seen this? I know you have views of Prince.

Been meaning to start a thread on this, but I am too lazy.

He told the WSJ in another article, “This is not a patriotic endeavor of ours—we’re here to build a great business and make some money doing it.”

are you telling me to leave? What? The forum? The country?

Erik Price gives pieces of ■■■■ a bad name

I hadn’t seen it. I don’t think much of the article.

I don’t care much for Prince’s hiring practices. It takes a lot of effort to run one of these companies correctly. The ones you read about in the press are doing it wrong.