The Personal Defensive Weapon

An interesting case of Hypocrisy.

When gov’t wants to buy them, they are 'Personal Defensive Weapons".

When civilians have them and gov’t wants to ban same they are “Assault Weapons”.

Today…I’m going shopping for one. My question is what caliber? I’m leaning toward a .410 w/a home defense load? Any ideas?

If I were going to buy a home def shotgun it would be an 870 Remington Tactical in 12g.

Most reliable and proven platform in history.

For home defense I’d load it with AA heavy trap #8’s or #9’s if over penetration is a concern and probably titanium or tungsten cube shot if it is not.

It isn’t for me, it’s for my 112 lb wife. That’s why I was considering the .410 with a large magazine. I bought her a Judge and loaded it with #8 on the first load, then the home protection loads after that. After her first shot, I asked her to discern whether or not she just shot me…if not…pull the trigger again…if necessary. She’s a nurse and doesn’t practice the use of a handgun. Therefore I thought this might be a lot easier to use and be accurate?

There are hundreds of thousands of women shooting that exact load and shotgun. It’s actually a very light low brass load with an ounce and an eigth of shot at about 1300fps.

If she’s small, get her a youth model.

I prefer the 870 pump for reliability but if she’s recoil shy look at the 1187 semi auto. The tactical models are much cheaper than the sport models and come with parkerized finishes and plastic stocks instead of fine wood and blueing.

You had to start a thread about a 5 sentence “article” from 6 years ago?


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I would ask if that’s all you have to offer on the subject but then we already know the answer.

Instead I’ll ask the same questions the rest of your fellow travelers keep avoiding.

Has DHS reclassified the AR as something other than a Personal Defensive Weapon or have the Democrats calling for banning them changed their definition of an “Assault Weapon”?

Why is it a “weapon of war” in my hands but only a “Personal Defensive Weapon” in the hands of a federal agent?

Straight answers would be a welcome change if you can manage them.

The attempts to derail the question in this thread to 2013 just highlights that the “assault weapon” hypocrisy is not something new.

Nor is the article in the OP the only example of said hypocrisy.

“Personal Defense Weapon” (PDR) is a class of military weapon.

Seriously, I’d have expected that you guys would know that.

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Some people HAVE to be outraged about something…anything…


So you not see the hypocrisy here?

Branding. Everyone does it.

No, I see no hypocrisy here.

Do you know what a PDW is?

What does PDW stand for?

Don’t give me a link or internet verses but your verses.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format.

PDW stands for Personal Defense Weapon. It’s a class of weapon that’s essentially a hybrid of a submachine gun and an assault rifle.

Smaller than the rifle, more accurate than a submachine gun.

Oh ■■■■ me. PDW. :rofl:

Is it?

Think about it. Personal Defense Weapon can be any weapon that you as individual deem as personal defense weapon. The label you posted seems to be politically incorrect.

This isn’t a label I came up with. It’s a NATO classification.

NATO doesn’t get to decide that for you now do they?

I want you to go back and read the RFP this thread is about, now that you know what a PDW is.

Maybe then it’ll sink in.

You mean this link that you posted?