The Pendulum Will Swing

When was this vote taken again? Please tell us you’re talking about something other than the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

What if a Liberal President took the power of deciding weather or not Abortion and gay marriage should be legal or not in each state?

Oh wait, Obama did that already.

The supreme court did that, not Obama…

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. What? So no Executive Orders were done?
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I suppose you can cite the executive orders that may gay marriage legal in every state…

Correct. There was no executive order making same sex marriage legal. What made you think there was?

Aren’t there already firearm registries in some states?

Yeah, its called the Constitution!

Rolling eyes.

You know that work was completed right? It wasn’t an open ended work order

A 2016 report by the Government Accountability Office confirmed that the government had completed the fence by 2015

So what changed from 2006 to 2018/2019?

Why was a fence needed so bad that it had bi-partisan support then . . . but now it’s evil?

I say congress at one point has granted a fence, the military is to defend our borders, then Trump has the right to do such.

The work was completed

The fence that was voted on is still there.

A fence is not a wall. Donald wants a wall. He made that clear again, just a few days ago.

The Democrats have introduced legislation that pays for repairs to the fence in addition to adding more boarder patrol agents and newer technologies. I’m sure there is more in the bill, but exactly what I’m not comfortable stating as fact, because I don’t recall exactly what it is, atm.

What is not in the legislation is money for a wall.

they had bi partisan support to fund the government in the past… but now it is evil?

What changed from the time trump said Mexico would pay for the wall and now?

Border crossings: down.
Criminals crossing the border: down.
Drugs crossing legal ports of entry: up.

Mexico paying for the wall: never happened.
GOP majority for the first two years: wasted.

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I’d like to see a Dem president declare a National Security taking away guns in light of the mass shootings.

That definitely sounds like how laws get made.

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Personally, I don’t think Trump should go the national “emergency” route, I think its foolish. If he wants funding for a wall, funding comes through Congress, he has to deal with them. But, let’s not pretend whatever action he takes here will have any impact on what a future president may do as far as gun control. We already know anti-gun politicians will use whatever means are within their grasp to end run their goal, as we’ve seen it already. And many who are now griping about the possibility of Trump using this tactic will be full hearted in their support of a future president using it to fulfill their wishes, regardless of what Trump does now…as we’ve seen that before all too many times over.