The Partnership between Ted Cruz and AOC: Thoughts?

I just saw a tweet from Ted Cruz (R-Texas) endorsing an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that birth control pills be classified as over the counter medication. This follows two of them co-sponsoring a bill to actually block members of the government from moving directly into lobbying jobs.

Interesting to see the hard right Senator from Texas make common cause with the Democratic Socialist Representative from the Bronx and Queens.

Are we witnessing the start of something new… the pursuit of common ground between hard left and hard right? Any thoughts on other places where common ground might emerge. (I do remember our distinguished host noting that he agreed with AOC’s opposition to the tax breaks New York City used to try to lure Amazon to Queens, although he did not that AOC was right for the wrong reasons.)

But if AOC and Smarmy Ted can make common cause maybe we all start finding other points of agreement in support of the common good.

This might require fewer “AOC is awful” posts, but what is more worthwhile: an end to the Swamp’s revolving door lobbying or being label to continue holding two minute hates against AOC?

Much kudos to Ted Cruz for willing to work with the other side on very important issues. Also, this is not the first time these two have agreed on working together.

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Wow. Fantastic. Salute to them both for coming together on these issues. Maybe there’s hope for this country yet.

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Wow - Cruz has regained a little respect in my eyes. It would be nice if this started becoming the norm around DC.

I would like to see both parties agree to pass the legislation to increase cyber security of the electoral process now languishing in the Senate. What is partisan about cyber security?