The only new law we need today

"No spending bill shall exceed 50 pages."

That’s it. Cut the crap. We don’t need bills that are longer than the Bible. I’m sick of politicians signing ■■■■ they have not read. If you haven’t read it, don’t sign it! The only reason for these monstrosities is to hide things from you that they do not want you to know about. Period. It’s sleazy and dishonest.

Good idea?

i still like line item veto

but it wouldnt make a difference.

no one in congress cares about the actual bill or any people. just their pet pork projects and social engineering


“Congress announces printing bills on size C0 paper stock, mandating 4 point fonts…”


Yes!! So, they can’t hide behind volume. And all regulations that come out of the laws congress passed should go back to congress for approval, since they are the real laws…

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The line item veto proved to be completely useless when Clinton had it briefly. Every single one of his vetoes were overturned in the biggest display of bipartisanship ever.

Yes. Too bad you waited until now to propose this rule.

Any others rules we need all of the sudden?

elections have consequences, i’m told.

That means the president has to read a 2000 page bill. Why?

I was late. But still the only one smart enough to suggest it.

Instead of fighting for months or years over a massive infrastructure bill that nobody reads, how about this?

Start with a twenty page bill that provides funding to replace the 20 most dangerous bridges in America? I’m guessing you would agree this would be good?

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That’s a great idea, but I would add they should be written in away the average person can understand them and not in lawyer language.

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No kidding. As for this latest bill. They should ask every congress person if they have read it. Force them to admit they didn’t they didn’t or lie about it.

pres staff can help

dont get me wrong i do like your idea too

with line item tho i bet the bill would reduce to about 50 pages

Fair enough. I would take either one over nothing. This current mess is nuts.

Doesn’t matter in this case. No matter who the president is each side is gonna tell the other “Hey, vote to help me overturn this thing vetoed in my district and I’ll do the same if it comes up in yours some day”.

There is an important reason for the “lawyer language”.

Laws have to be written in a way that the exact meaning of the law is clear from the text.

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The underlying concern is a good one… the proposal of arbitrary page limiting is a bad one.

i guess i cant disagree with that

none of it helps congress give a damn about the citizens anyway. they pack it full of ridiculous crap and everyone just middle fingers their district and votes for it

time for a revolution

Why is that?

Every bill should include a concise set of objectives and the funding to complete those objectives.

The infrastructure bill should be a set of 25 different bills instead of one giant one.

Complicated issues in a complicated country do not lend themselves to brevity. I can tell few here have ever been involved in drafting legislation.