THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Age and place.

How do you prove when and where you were born?


Is there a spelling or a grammatical mistake here?


Jon Tester has won Montana.


A birth certificate or a written affidavit.

When file to run for President.

Are you required to provide a birth certificate?

And the answer is you know, no.



Births were recorded differently until the turn of the 20th century, but they were recorded with when and where. But you knew that.


You’ve never done a written affidavit (which is not proof, it’s pinky swearing) in your life.

Are you required to prove it before taking office?


I don’t remember anyone asking for w,s birth certificate.

Please provide a link to it.



We weren’t talking about the current situation in congress. We were talking about why govt run health care will keep getting more oppressive, if passed. A general discussion.


And was likely not eligible to hold the office.


They don’t need a subpoena for his tax returns…


You guys should investigate the Clinton foundation :joy:


Remember that special election way back in GA? Well…


We are the laughing stock of the world.


It’s not “government-run.” It’s “government-paid for” which you will surely welcome at age 65.


A distinction without a difference… They pay they make up the rules.


Oh most definitely. Donald’s the hardest working geriatric Grand pa in DC.


Not just anybody can talk and wave his hands for two hours a day.


Well it take away from his golf time.

Were someone drives him wherever his ball has landed.



Maxine Waters Head of the Banking Committee. This should get good!


Its the one finger pointing and the rest curled with a pinkie lilt