The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread

Speaking about complaints, any beef with Facebook and Instagram finally lifting their ban against #45?


Called it.

They had no choice.

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President Trump was already clicking up a few points in many polls on the heals of the Biden document scandal imploding.

And this move by Meta will probably only aid even more favorable polling numbers gains especially with additional advertising options being open as 2024 Presidential campaign efforts intensify…

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Nice spin. :wink:

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If Trump posts on either I will expect the comments will be how Truth Social is a failure.

Of maybe Trump is guilty as hell.

Once the ban is lifted President Trump and his PAC’s can advertise on FB utilizing #45’s (facial) image and actual voice. These are both prohibited right now.

Trump is contractually obligated to post on Truth Social and from what I read there has to be a period of 6 hours before he reposts to any social media platform.

I dont recall Trump using Facebook but yes like @NickN said it can now be used by pro trump PACs etc to advertise.

I would argue the reason Trump is back is the GROWTH of Truth Social.

Not any free speech epiphany by Twitter or FB.

Elon has helped in a big way also with opening up the files.

You Tube is next to uncensor Trump.

Trump has a nice opportunity now to use other platforms to promote his platform.

Of maybe you are just throwing mud at the wall.

Posting 6 hour old Truths to twitter and FB sounds pretty good to me.

I still say Trump needs to get out and barnstorm the swing states as much as possible NOW.

Brandon has to stay put. Trump has the freedom to get out and rally support.

Visit the swing state churches and community centers where Reps can get mail in ballots harvested. Get these ballot foot soldiers MOTIVATED.

Also swing state’s with GOP Congressional control / influence need to immediately and proactively amend voting laws to take shape for November 2024 General Election so to essentially tighten voter integrity concerns of the past. Ballot processing including more proactive / legal harvesting by the Dems is impressive like it or not. In particular, early voting efforts must intensify and be embraced more by the Republicans no matter what laws prevail going forward.

Note this week the RNC’s 168 members are meeting in Dana Point, California to elect their national leader heading into the next election cycle across America.

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I like Harmeet. I think she will do well and has a good chance of winning.

Poor and unfortunately named Rona is tired and it shows.

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It was a fun little lib fanny slapping while it lasted. :rofl:

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Trump still has 34 million followers to 11 million for Brandon on Facebook.

Lots of solid fresh positive comments on Trump account even if he isn’t posting.

A lot of people in the GOP aren’t fans. Wrong religion.

We disagree, especially timing is such of not being this is not even primary campaign season yet.

Until then why not simply keep Biden’s feet to the fire?

Go after #46 with issues hurting/impacting everyday Americans right now. Plenty of things to talk about including surging border crisis, fentanyl deaths climbing, crime spiking, baby formula / food shortages, high oil prices, inflation, Afghanistan withdrawal, etc. Essentially make it a series of more regular public service announcements where Trump is educating people with current events that Biden and his administration will have a harder time defending against.

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Solid points.

I pretty happy with where Trump is right now.

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Hero worship aside… Trump is back only because the ban was for 2 years as Meta stated in June of 2021. Those 2 years are up.

Me too!