The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread

It’s related to Joe Biden because a company related to ccp wired money to his family. I have no idea what it is yet. It’s not about seeing much other than this does not look good. So far it’s nothing but a gop congressional memo.

…to Hunter. Not Joe. Hunter’s had tons of transactions that look gross.

It’s not just hunter who got paid. It was distributed throughout the family. We have to stop just waving things away. What is it?

No not to Hunter to their family associate who then distributed the money to the family.

Try to wrap your head around the fact that in non-partisan fashion, the modern Presidents since at least Bush 41 including Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama amassed more of their net worth after leaving the Presidency. Where as President Trump has fortune and fame before he was elected in 2016. And now as he throws caution to the wind in trying to once again serve as you describe the decent hardworking folks he puts it much of that all on the line x 3.

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By family you mean…people not named Joe Biden.

Look, investigate it, examine it, subpoena Hunter and family members, all of it. But at this point the goal has been, link Hunter’s earnings (however dubious) to Joe providing a quid pro quo as an elected official. Its not a leap, its a moonshot.

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Please spare us the drama, no amount of Congressional investigations will ever result in Joe Biden being removed from office (convicted by the Senate) even should #46 be impeached.


If there is a memo where Biden is texting Hunter saying. “Tell Xi thanks for all the dough and that I will make sure we won’t ever interfere in Taiwan and we will end the tarriffs” he would be gone tomorrow. Dems would demand his resignation.

No worries there as Joe Biden is much too slick to put down something in writing. And to his credit Joe was not a drug addict like Hunter, which explains how the laptop probably got out in the 1st place.


Right- then at least there would be signs of Biden doing a solid for China. But instead he has ratcheted increased pressure on China. Wheres the beef??

I mean at least with Trump we have oodles of circumstantial evidence and quotes that he looooves him some Mr. Putin. We have oceans of evidence of contacts and deal making between Trump and the Russians. Not so much with Joe Biden/China.

Wrong, my guess is that Hunter having access to plenty of Joe’s classified documents living and working in the former VP’s offices and homes gave the son plenty of opportunity to invite guests over and share USA sensitive information.


As I said, its not a leap, its a moonshot. Same ole conspiratorial bunkum.

Correct with Trump the evidence shows clear arms length business dealings for things such as real estate development abroad. Where as Biden the evidence shows clears influence peddling, which to be fair for Hunter could still turn out to be mostly legal, especially if the Big Guy’s cut can’t be proven getting into Jill or #46’s controlled corporations and the like. Hunter’s exposure may be limited to not registering properly as an agent receiving foreign funds.


For a few million bones we should at least get Biden saying that he trusts and believes Xi more that our Intelligence agencies, or that he would think annexing Taiwan would be “Genius” and “Savvy”. Xi is not getting enough bang for his buck.

Corrupt people rarely admit wrongdoing even after the fact of a conviction.


Who’s control who?

Also I bet if we dig really deep…we will find millions upon millions of Chinese (CCP) money flowing to Biden and DNC.


What is stopping the R’s from digging really deep? Looks like they have been trying for years…only innuendo and conspiracies so far…

Then again, it is part of the RW grift. So much money to be made off of the gullible.

I’m sure they will be looking into it.

But again left-wing libs will deny any and all evidence.

Lmao yes of course he is risking it all.

Its adorable how you always go to bat for Trump.