The Official Lib Lie of the Day Regarding Trump Thread

When I googled “Trump animals immigration” to see what was out there on this topic, two of the first hits that appeared were from CNN and Politifact reporting that several news agencies had taken Donald’s comments out of context.

Nah. I just have the ability to think rationally about these things and have not sold out for a politician that requires me to view everything from a biased perspective. I admitted I can see both sides. Why can’t you is the question?

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Which news sources piled on “birtherism”? My memory says it was from internet news sources. They weren’t mainstream. Do you remember it differently? Today…it’s on NBC, CBS, ABC…

We are a republic, not a “democracy”, which shows Tillerson was unqualified to hold any high level government position.

No, I do not share that same conclusion.

What specific “lies” did Tillerson evidence that he was so worried might harm “democracy”?

No. His job is not for us to get inside his head. His job is to be a communicator, a negotiator, a mediator, a diplomat with a steady hand. Instead we got a drunk braindead angry uncle. It’s not even a little bit “refreshing”. It’s terrifying and stupid.


I actually agree with this in part, and for the record Tillerson was right. However it’s our job as consumers of information looking for truth to put aside our political beliefs and partisan leanings to read, research and discern the truth. We don’t do this, especially on this board.

Now the part of these lies now threatening our democracy…dude where you been? These lies have been going on for more than a decade. It actually hit a fever pitch once President Obama decided to run. Lies are not exclusive to liberals, Cons have done extremely well themselves.

I don’t find it particularly refreshing that we have a president who is so inarticulate and poorly spoken that we constantly need to have the WH, and his most loyal sycophants, come back to explain what he meant when he serves up a beautiful word salad.


I’m being completely serious here. Are you being serious with that question?

Or 57 states, or anything else Obama said that Fox, Sean, Rush, Mark, and every “conservative” poster flew into a rage about.

Since Trump lies >3 times a day, I guess this thread will make for a great ratio!

MS13 originated in Los Angeles within El Salvadoran immigrant enclaves.

Agreed. The lie is being exposed and they now have egg on their face. I don’t believe that wasn’t the case yesterday. Now we have a thread to post the daily lie and let’s just see who jumps on and the next day jump off?

The current president himself piled on it. FOX and talk radio did little to discount it. I’m happy to consider evidence to the contrary.

When the current president persisted in a lunatic theory that undermined the authority of a duly elected president, was that a threat to democracy?

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Maybe you couldn’t interpret what he said but those California sheriffs didn’t have any problem.

Ah, so certain media is only calling out their peers to cover their ass, but would have otherwise joined in because Donald Derangement Theory.


I agree with your approach and the responsibility of each of us to discern through the misinformation and attempt to gleen the truth. I just don’t remember the level of lies and fake news being at the current level. What news source is on the right beside Fox? That alone says that the level must be higher today just by the numbers of news sources that are left leaning.

i love how they usual suspects come to the new site and act brand new… half of you all started threads about Obama daily


illegal immigrants. Maybe Rachael lied to you.

Did ABC, CBS or NBC? How about CNN, MSNBC or the NYT?

Thank you. I’ll go along with that and I stand corrected.