The Official Lib Lie of the Day Regarding Trump Thread

It seems that everyday, the MSM attempts to take a portion of something Trump said, then edit it so that the context doesn’t even resemble what Trump said. Then they run around with their hair on fire, getting all emotional, acting foolish, pointing fingers, propagating a lie and feeding it to their sheeple. Even the politicians jump on board. The funny thing is, that very quickly, the whole sentence is stated in the context it meant to apply to and the MSM gets exposed for the fake news that it is. What I’m noticing is that the general public is just now starting to catch on. Notice Trump’s approval numbers rising? I attribute these daily lies that are being exposed as more helpful to Trump, than hurtful.

Anyways, I thought it’d be fun to have an official thread to post the lib lie of the day.

Today I’ll start with the current lib lie that Trump called all immigrants “animals”. NOPE. That’s a lie. The context was where a California sheriff was complaining that the sanctuary laws were hindering sheriffs from doing their jobs and that it was putting many innocent lives at risk. Trump responded that he understands what they’re going through and that he’s working extra hard to remove these hardened criminals. Some being removed were from the MS-13 gangs and they were so ruthless, he called them “animals”. Here’s the whole video that started the lib lie. Watch it for yourself. Is the MSM and lib politicians lying? I believe the Dems are blowing it big time and are on the wrong side of the law.
Trump calls some illegal immigrants "animals" in meeting with sheriffs - YouTube
normal youtube warnings but I didn’t hear any profanity

Let’s have some fun. Each day, post the latest lib lie of the day that’s sole motivation is the hate Trump syndrome. Let’s expose these lies for the lies they are. Maybe the sheeple will feed here and come the fall midterms, we can get some of these lying politicians removed. Drain the swamp.

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Does anyone believe that this is the type of “lies” that Tillerson was referring to when he stated it was dangerous to our Democracy? I do…how about you?

This thread is bought to by Obama’s line, “you didn’t build that.” It’s rich hearing Trumpers complain about things taken out context.


Seriously…do you truly believe that the two examples are anywhere near the same level of indecency? Do you believe one was “out of context” and one is an outright lie?

“Sheeple”. Yawn.

He called people animals. He has a rich tradition of denigrating immigrants, insinuating most of them are rapists and murderers from the first 20 seconds of his campaign. He’s a ■■■■■■■ idiot. Half of his job is communication and every time he opens his mouth or twitter account he opens himself up to this stuff. It’s on him. Cry me a ■■■■■■■ river.

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Is it accurate to imply that every MSM outlet engaged in this?

Do you not believe that many violent members of the gang MS-13 are animals? I use the word “sheeple” to describe anyone who’d buy into what was said and not recognize the lie for the lie that it is? That doesn’t describe you…does it?

If I over generalized, please excuse me but there were enough sources that piled on where I didn’t think how I stated it was inappropriate.

Really interesting concept for a thread coming off nearly 10 years of near daily Right Wing news and Right Wing punditry slicing and dicing every single Obama utterance to misconstrue (lie about) whatever he had said to paint him in the greatest negative light possible.

But hey, a little Right Wing hypocrisy is OK, right?



There’s no doubt what you just said is true. What I’m noticing is what Tillerson was referring to…these lies are now threatening our democracy. It’s much worse today IMO. Do you not share that same conclusion?

If Trump wasn’t a ■■■■■■■ shoot from the hip moron who can’t think beyond the past 2 minutes he would better understand how to navigate human communication and wouldn’t step in dog ■■■■ every day.


Meh. I listened to the attached video. He was interchanging immigration, illegal immigration, MS-13 throughout the jumbled word salad. Added to context of his statements regarding immigration, it’s not a stretch to believe he was referring to all illegal immigrants as animals. Likewise, after clarifying from the White House, I can see how he was possibly referring just to MS-13. Perhaps he should work on being more clear in what he wants to communicate.

So, outside of this, do you have other examples of these intentional lies being pushed by all of the liberals and the media?

Yeah, let’s talk about Trump being taken out of context…I’ll start!

“…cling to their guns and religion…”

What Trump was actually talking about was that people in rural parts of the country, like rural PA, had been forsaken by prior presidents and politicians, and Trump wanted to reach out to them and let them know they hadn’t been forgott…

Oh wait!


Yes…he doesn’t use a telemprompter as often as he should. I agree. On the other hand, isn’t it refreshing to actually hear what the POTUS is thinking and not something conjured up by a speech writer?

MS13 members are human animals, absolutely, I already posted elsewhere my agreement with Trump ob that, but MS13 members coming across our Southern border as illegal aliens, if that is happening it is only because MS13 was an American export first.

If you really came to that conclusion after watching that video, IMO you are infected with the Trump derangement syndrome…or TDS.:grin:

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I don’t. What’s been said of Donald that threatens to undermine democracy to the same extent as birtherism? A deranged theory heavily promoted and sustained by Donald himself, ironically enough.

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If it was coming from a same and rational POTUS it would be delughtful.

From Trump, not in the least.


It’s not. You, and Fox, and right-wing punditry, and the right-wing media spent 8 years with your hair on fire about literally everything Obama did, said, ate, wore, rode, looked at, chewed, breathed, stood under, etc. There was LITERALLY nothing that mad could do that wasn’t subject to undue right-wing spin, lies, or propaganda. NOTHING.

There were plenty of things he did that were perfectly worthy of censure, scrutiny, and criticism, but those valid complaints got buried under 8 years of absolute nonsense.

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I believe MS-13 originated in El Salvador.