The Official Dune Trailer (2020)

So as a sci-fi junkie, I’m all in on this. I was 20(back in 2000) when I saw the original Dune movie from 1984. The original was a masterpiece. Hopefully this 2020 version live up it the original.

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I’m all in as well. Dune is the greatest sci-fi novel ever written IMO, and Denis Villeneuve is a master film maker.


I saw the movie before I actually read the book. The movie pretty much forced me to purchase the novel. It was an awesome read.

Sci-fi opera i wouldn’t call it a novel (other than of course it in the literally sense)
I think the foundation gives it a significant run for its money

I like Peter f Hamilton though so don’t take me opinion as anything important


Foundation comes out on Apple TV in 2021. Save your money and your time for the real thing.

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I don’t see Sting in a thong. I’m out.

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I remember watching it in the theater when it came out and these girls behind us wouldn’t shut up whenever he was on screen.

So it’s just the first half of the book.

Hans Zimmer has done the music. That is a plus.

I’m skeptical. Legendary Picture…an “American Company”…NOT. Chinese company owns it. They’ll have final cut. Forget it. Tainted.

On the other hand the director’s Bladerunner 2049 was very good. Arrival was good. Even though all digital. But not China owned.

The Director is doing a Remake of Cleopatra??
Forget it.

I’m skeptical.

The David Lynch version has moments that can never be surpassed.

I couldn’t watch the miniseries.

This will probably be unwatchable for me.

Nunchakus scene? Ugh

All digital. Chinese, Dingy trailer… That horrible brown-yellow digital murk.

Looks like Edward Scissorhands goes to Arrakis.

It will bomb at box office and there will never be part 2.

I recently read read Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation and Foundation and was sad to see that it just doesn’t hold up.

I do think an interesting take on it would be one of an examination of Imperialism and the pushing of market and technology superiority to subjugate lower tech civilizations…that to me might be an interesting take.


On the other hand, I hope I’m wrong and it’s fantastic. Low expectations might make me like it.

I just don’t see Jason as Duncan Idaho…

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Yay…and I heard it hardly follows the book at all.

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Really, I hadn’t heard that. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I don’t care much for sci-fi as a literary genre, but I inhaled Dune in the early 80s and still go back to re-read it to this day. Politics, religion, ecology, mysticism, action - multiple complex themes wrapped up in compelling prose.

Really hoping this film does justice to Herbert’s masterpiece. The 80s film is fine for what it is (cult classic) but it’s much to campy for the source material.

The original Dune was a bit low tech, but had way better actors.

I hope this version does well, but the actors make the movie.

You had Sir Patrick freaking Stewart in the original as well as these fine actors:

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How could you leave out Max von Sydow?!?

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I’m all in as well. Dune is the greatest sci-fi novel ever written IMO, and Denis Villeneuve is a master film maker.

I can’t believe this post is falling on deaf ears. There’s NO director working today that’s better suited for this material than Villenueve. This adaptation has been attempted twice and failed twice for entirely different reasons, so perhaps the sleeper will awaken this round.