The official 2024 RNC Convention thread

The buck stops with Biden.

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For wars that other countries are fighting? And not our own country? Or our troops?

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For Ukraine and Israel? Hmmm.

This planet is as close to WW3 as it’s ever been courtesy of the feckless pathetic actions of that stupid old man (Biden) his surrogates…

Just another toxic left wing Democrat mess responsible leaders are going yo have to clean up when this pathetic collection of leftist losers is gone.


They didn’t start any wars when Trump was president.

Hmmmm YES. Israel is our friend, Hamas would never have attacked Israel if Trump had been president.

Plus, Hamas is funded and run by Iran. Iran would not have had Billions of dollars given to them by Biden if Trump had been president.

Russia would not have invaded Ukraine and thet didn’t under a Trump administration.

I shouldn’t have to tell yuns this.


Not stupid at all…it’s stupid not to recognize that Biden’s failed presidency contributed to those conflicts.

The Russians saw how awful the Biden’s performed in Afghanistan. Remember when the Russians invaded Crimea in 2014…democrats were in charge then too.

Israel was attacked by proxies of Iran…the Iranians were broke until Biden let them get rich off of oil sales. Here’s a quote from former DNI John Ratcliffe. a man whom I think is brilliant, following the Iranian drone launch back in April.

“ JOHN RATCLIFFE: The word people keep using to describe this attack is unprecedented, and it is. But that’s why it’s ironic that we find ourselves in the all too familiar position of talking about a long list of deterrence failures by the Biden administration. Of course, the failure to deter Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine and then, after the attack on Israel on October the 7th, the failure of the Biden administration with hollow talking points, A single word ‘Don’t.’ And the response to that, as you know, was more than 170 attacks on U.S. Forces. And the deaths of three Americans, dozens of traumatic brain injuries, so clearly not working. Which is why I was surprised that those very same hollow words and threats from the Biden administration, ‘Don’t,’ were used last week, after Israel took out IRGC general. Mohammad Zahedi, who was the architect of those October 7th attacks. ”. Ratcliffe exposes Biden's 'long list' Iran blunders that led to historic attack | Fox News

Both Russia and Iran are funding their hostile actions with new found oil revenue…while Biden is bending over for the green New deal phonies.

Peace thru American strength works. The pathetic Joe Biden has given the world American weakness.

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And how can you prove that? You can shout it all you want.

So the leadership of Hamas and Putin have no culpability, its all Bidens fault?

You obviously want the United States to remain the worlds policeman so for you globalism is not a bad word.

Here’s a video (standard YouTube warnings) from October 23 2 weeks after the October 7 attacks on Israel of Mr. Ratcliffe talking about Biden and Iran. At about 1:44 he talks about Biden’s administration trying to put out fires it started.

The leadership of hamas and Iran and Russia and our enemies have been both enabled, emboldened, and financed by the weak feckless policies of Joe Biden failed presidency. He has to be replaced.

Anyway off to work have a nice day.


Did they stop any wars while he was president?

Hahaha this is amazing

Russians and Hamas had no problem killing Ukrainians and Jews respectively while Trump was president.

True believer nonsense

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The leaders of Russia did not stop attacking Ukraine while Trump was president


They were in the Donbass region for Trump’s entire 4 years in office, to be precise. And Trump did nothing to stop them. These are the guys who shot down the Malaysian plane in 2014, when Obama was President. Nobody did anything including Obama. But…it’s Biden’s fault.


I have answered. No need to call me a liar. You still carrying on when you know that you were wrong tells everyone all they need to know.

For the past few years, we have not been funding wars by proxy. Give the senile old pervert another four years and there will be boots on the ground. Biden was the idiot that got 13 United States soldiers killed all because he needed a bragging point for a speech. He had no stones. What he had was the stupidity to not listen to the people who were experts. If he had listened to them 13 families would still have their sons and daughters and many people that helped us in Afghanistan and their families would still be alive.

Well if you do not actually answer a question (and you did not) but state you have, not sure what else you would label it.

It’s okay though, your relentless none answers have bored me and I am moving on.

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Actually, you’re wrong. Most family farms are just that, it’s large farms that’s taking advantage of foreign workers, and even than most of them is through work permits.

Also I want to point out something. This crop of immigrants coming in now have not intentions to work farm jobs. Most of immigrants are heading into cities, not rural areas. Not saying they’re not in rural areas but there here on work vises.

That’s why even with tens of millions of Biden illegals here now, there is still millions of farm jobs open.

Why come here to work farms when you can walk in and head for city of your choice?


Precisely Bob. Why work the farms legally when you can just walk into our country illegally and take other forms of employment…or get welfare/handouts.


So just glancing at the responses from leftists here…in the land of the liberal democrat two new wars actually haven’t started…

The conflict in Ukraine and the massacre of October 7 were just all … something that is someone else’s fault.

And the economy will either collapse or be seriously damaged if we start sending people who are here illegally back where they came from.

The deaths of those Americans who died in Afghanistan that was justified because … ?

It’s damned hard to take you folks seriously.

Inflation that was half what it is now is still double where it was when sleepy joe took office…but hey it’s all wonderful!!!

I can only speak for me but I literally find the left to be the most dishonest dangerous collection of …

Of something !


Wage increases