The Obama's personal tennis coach Indicted


Some folks are way too far down the Q hole to be helped.


Is anyone, any libzzz!!!1!, defending the tennis coach? (This is a reading comprehension question.)


Its been made pretty clear by pretty much everyone regardless of political ideology that anyone caught up in this bribery scandal should be facing the consequences. I dont care if its Obamas tennis coach, Lindsay Grahams foot doctor, Beto’s first cousin twice removed, or Mitch McConnells proctologist. Criminal laws are indiferent to political ideology.


nope, just some people twisting the post into something its not, its not about the obamas presa, just that its their personal tennis coach that has been indicted for the College scheme stuff going on. please keep track, next month you’ll be asking for links,lol


So yes, you are implying malfeasance on the Obama’s part, else why do they need to explain themselves before Congress? There’s nothing in ANY story on this that suggests the Obamas were involved in or even aware of this scheme.

Forrest only wishes his guilt-by-association hands were this clean.

You lied about your intent, which, btw, breaks the 8th Commandment. That’s a paddlin’ :wink:


So your thread about a random news item has no point. Ok. Maybe next time start a thread about a bear breaking into a house, with video, those are fun.


Yeah but it’s fun to bat them about like the fluffy balls of yarn they are.


A coach at Georgetown? Where neither of the daughters attend?

You need to figure out how this works? k?


Hannitys, Limbaughs, Gingriches, Coulter, Big and Rich, wouldn’t give you the time of day nor let you pass the gates to their walled homes, lol


Well this is just silly. Not registering on my “more than zero ■■■■■ given” meter.


Colluding with Georgetown?


The plot thickens to what? Another right-wing conspiracy theory? Hey, if it makes you feel good to spew bovine excrement, have at it Hoss.


Ain’t THAT the truth!

Those elitist righties have their naive audiences fooled into thinking they’re just like them, meanwhile the rich on left and right and middle are all in the SAME club.


Oh you know if it was Trump’s kid’s tennis coach, the thread would be 500 posts by now.


I’m a surivior of the “Obama invites gangsta rapper Common to WH” thread.


When it’s Trump and family, it’s the birds of a feather proclamation.


**[quote=“armycowboy, post:47, topic:165796, full:true”]

Qanon fever dreams.

And CNN " anonymous sources"


No dragging needed. Intice Malia with an $80.00 bottle of wine.


Let Malia be Malia.


I agree. I would never want to stop her from being her. She’s adorable and seems to be having a great time and enjoying herself.