The Obama's personal tennis coach Indicted


If supporting Mr. Trump makes me a hypocrite, what does it make people who support Barry O n Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Agenda?


Because this is still America, and I wanted to


No. Supporting Trump marks you as a political fool.


You’re not helping. This is no better than the mustard or tan suit.


ok, so, im a hypocrite and a political fool for supporting Mr. Trump? lol, i’ll consider the source of that statement


What do you mean by this?


Qanon fever dreams.


You say you will, but you really wont, not seriously.

If you would you would come to the same conclusion I did.


I never said you were a hypocrite.


Funny how elitist snobs all run in same circle.


All the corruption that surrounds the obamas, the plot thickens


If there was no intent to imply guilt by association for the Obamas then why mention them by name at all, especially in the thread title which doesn’t even mention the coaches name?

I am sure that Gordie gave lessons to hundreds if not thousands of other people, no doubt many other celebrities, probably even some Republicans, so why not mention any of them?

The OP has a bridge he wants to sell us, in Brooklyn, of all places.



yup, Obamas, Clintons, most of the Hollywood types wouldn’t give you or I the time of day, nor pass the gates to their walled in homes,lol


So now you are a self proclaimed expert on elitist snobs.



Because that’s how it was said on my wife’s phone,lol


Supporting somebody as corrupt as him and his administration while calling out others would be VERY hypocritical.


No, but its getting easier lately,lol and yeah, I haven’t went through life with blinders on nor have an agenda, so its pretty clear sometimes


And you were under penalty of severe punishment from your wife’s phone unless you presented it that way.

I understand now.



No, if I didn’t write it as it was written, you’d want a link or something,lol



And with that I’m outta here. I’m needed back on Planet Earth.