The nutty, woke gun control mob

Since these clowns have had zero success disarming real Americans, they have settled on Elmer Fudd. So what have they done? They have taken his shotgun and replaced it with a sickle. So basically, they have taken a cute wabbit hunter and turned him into Jason Voorhees. What is wrong with you woke types? Elmer Fudd is now a psychopath. We are surrounded by nit wits. :roll_eyes:


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Quality thread.

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Amen to the OP!

Wow… :rofl:

laughs in potato

I guess the fact that he was portrayed as a complete idiot
Hunter who couldn’t kill a rabbit was no longer enough. Still I am surprised they gave him a sickle instead of a butterfly net.

Lighten up. That’s why you woke types are no fun at parties. Way too judgmental. If you have a better thread, let’s see it. :man_shrugging:

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So attacking an animal with a knife and prolonging the pain is so much more PC!


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Quality post.


Same thing in the Handmaid’s Tale. A recurring theme in authoritarian regimes.

Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever. Vladimir Lenin

Mob mentality and group think is what will end our way of life.

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Elmer and his sickle… does he have a concealed hammer permit?

No, but if we’re going to give him a blade, maybe we should put him in a hockey mask?

then he’d sing “kill the camper, kill the camper…”

That’s it!!! Take away that stupid sickle and give him back his spear and magic helmet!


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Thank you for moving my thread back to the top of the list. You da man! :+1: :grin:

You deserve it buddy, you work so hard here :muscle:

Speaking of working hard and :muscle: I need to get to the gym. I can barely do 30 chin ups anymore. See ya on the flip side! :vulcan_salute:

Eh… if they were retroactively removing his gun from old cartoons, that would be absurd… if its just for new cartoons, then its merely silly. Frankly I think they should have gone farther and made him a farmer… then the weapon would make a little more sense.

Anyway, enough internet posting, I need to grab my scythe and go catch me some dinner.