The “No Collusion” Talking Point is Officially Dead



I was wondering where the heck that quote was coming from - lol.

I went to go back to the post and the quote would change to a trash can…learn something new…

Oh, I think we’ve been there for a while.

Team mueller leaking like a sieve. The desperation is palpable.

Collusion Gimps UNITE!!!

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Collusion delusion. So delicious. I’ll have another piece please. Anonymous sources say some one wrecked a Russian rental car proving there was Russian Collision errrrr Collusion.

This is very bad for Trump.

I don’t like the idea that I voted for a guy who colluded with a foreign power to undermine our presidential election.

I just feel bad about it. I was in denial for a while. Denial felt better than how I am feeling right now.


At this point, what difference does it make??

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Buckle up Buttercup. You’re going to feel even worse very soon.

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The crime is conspiracy.

What exactly has Meuller leaked?

That’s exactly what I was doing. I understand.

I was looking for things Hillary had said that made me feel smart and also helped me forget about all the lousy stuff that Trump and his team had done.

That was before I came to this forum. I’ve learned a lot here. I’m not smart enough to keep faking it anymore.

More and more, Trump is looking like a bad guy.

Voting for him was a big mistake.

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I think you’re right. I already feel bad. I expect I’m going to feel terrible.

Even my basketball team is lousy this year.

It’s 11 degrees outside.

One of my plants died.

Somebody put a dent in my car door and didn’t leave a note.

Whoever said that bad things come in fives was right.

Drinking helps.


Scared huh? It shows

This is my worst year since high school. It’s not all Trump’s fault.

But it’s mostly his fault.

Everybody at work is crabby.

Guess who they all voted for.

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We’re scared out of our minds.


Its hilarious every single time someone says this.

Because we nearly always know where it came from, and its never Mueller.

Dearest Ohknow, you should know that Corsi gave this to the media.

One should read the news before commenting on it.

Your work place sounds sad if everyone is crabby.

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The worst part is some of them keep endlessly repeating things that Hillary said.

It’s worse than their “That’s what she said” phase when the Office was so popular.

Everything is “What difference does it make?” and “deplorable” this and “deplorable” that.

It’s really only two guys.

But they’re loud talkers, and we work in a confined space.

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Don’t care is more like it. If team obama didn’t care enough to speak up, and team mueller didn’t care enough to wrap it up quickly and team “collusion” doesn’t give a damn about the obama/hillary/fbi corruption then I don’t give a damn.

Not to mention that it’s about 99.99999% sour grapes since the election.