The New York Times gets a third Pulitzer for false reporting

The New York Times just got a Pulitzer Prize for it 1619 project that claimed that one of the primary reasons for the Declaration of Independence was to protect slavery. They ended up correcting that statement based on fact-checking by historians.

In 2018 they shared a Pulitzer Prize for their work with Russia collusion story. The basis of that story has been proven to be a hoax:

Back in 1932 the Pulitzer committee awarded a prize to a Times reporter who wrote of Stalin’s Soviet Union in glowing terms while millions starved to death in Soviet Ukraine. In 2003 they finally acknowledged the error, although they claimed there was “not clear and convincing evidence of deliberate deception” and refused to revoke the prize.

Looks like history keeps repeating itself.

Is the Pulitzer Prize just an 'at-a-boy for left-wing propaganda?

From the article…

“Overall, the 1619 Project is a much-needed corrective to the blindly celebratory histories that once dominated our understanding of the past—histories that wrongly suggested racism and slavery were not a central part of U.S. history. I was concerned that critics would use the overstated claim to discredit the entire undertaking. So far, that’s exactly what has happened.“

Translation: Prize awarded for good intentions, not faithfulness to the truth?


Then why do liberals hate him? :grin:

Who should have won?

Anyone with common sense should despise him.

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Somebody who didn’t lie.

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Thank God the deplorables don’t. :yum:

Every democrat is his moral inferior. They ALL knew the Russian conspiracy was a hoax created by the FBI, the DNC and paid for by the Hillary campaign. But they pushed it anyway. They all knew it was a lie. They are not morally superior to Trump.

Does any other organization have more rewards for themselves than journalism?

Entertainment aka Oscars, AMA, Grammys, etc.

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Obviously, the NYTs, for their fake stories. It matches the Obama and Gore Nobel prizes. Super wealthy globalists awarding each other prizes for their bias confirming lies.

trump golf tournaments


She should have been fired. Just another great example of the Death of Journalistic Integrity, Ethics, and Standards.

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They may not have known from the start but they all certainly do now unless they are living completely off the grid in a Faraday Cage.

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Um, ok? Lol.


The story wasn’t fake

She is quite dishonest. Making up fake history because she hates her country. She’s a loser and was given the Pulitzer for hating her country. Mental disorder.

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The story is a lie. Show me a shred of evidence that the tea went into the Boston Harbor over slavery. It’s an idiotic statement from someone who hates her country.

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