The New York Times displays religious bigotry

“The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals”

For excerpts and comments see:

I am not an Evangelical, but the New York Times is displaying a shocking level of religious bigotry in my opinion. This headline sounds like something akin to medieval accusations against Jews for spreading the plague.

Do you believe that the New York Times war correct to run the op-ed?

Or is it endorsing a crude form of religious bigotry?


Did you read the editorial?

If you did, what in the thesis was wrong that you can rebut?

Because the OP is simply an emotional response because of at whom the editorial was aimed.

Reprehensible, dishonest, and irresponsible as hell.

The Trump Administration has been listening to the scientists, the doctors and the medical professionals and everybody else with the initials by their names since this outbreak began and cted on the recommendations.

The only time he hasn’t was when he enacted the travel bans initially. A paragraph of course when he did an actor travel ban quot-quot experts the scientist the doctors blah blah blah call his actions are responsible xenophobic and races. Those actions however bought us more than a month to prepare for a widespread outbreak.

Who has told you this?

Trump has rejected science from the beginning of his presidency.

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We have now over 100,000 cases. You think we were prepared?

Dear God I wish you people would just quit. There is absolutely no truth anywhere in your statement. A paragraph utterly reprehensible.

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Anyone actually rebut the editorial yet?

I mean, with a serious rebuttal grounded in actual reality?

Because all we have so far is emotional responses.

It’s a hoax…

Be gone soon…

We have one case but its contained…

Uh huh

Back to endless Fabrications I see.

Great work

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Direct quotes…

You’ve been basically wrong on this whole ordeal…so…of course everything is a fabrication

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provide a direct quote including links to Trump saying we only have one case.

NY Times seems to have no problem publishing inflammatory left-wing rhetoric.

Let me know when they publish anything from the right like that.

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Bret Stephens.

Bari Weiss.

Ross Douthat

Have you ever read R.L. Dabney? Do you know quote referenced?

That is a bunch of bs on a stick.

your only problem is that the facts and timeline show otherwise

Is it?

Priceless truly Priceless

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