The new Murphy Brown

Most of you young wippersnappers won’t recognize the name of the show. Way back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s. It was one of the most irreverent shows where nothing was protected from the writers satire and being targeted.

Was a little concerned when I saw a remake. Thought it was going to be new characters and a redo. Nope. 90% of the original cast. And it’s just like it was in the original. irreverent. Hillary (no I’m not the Hillary mine is spelled with only one L) poked fun at herself. They poked fun at Dem protesters. They poked fun at CNN (CNC) and Fox (Wolf). The poked Donald Trump, they poked the news media (repeatedly). The made fun of Twitter.

If you get a chance to watch the season premier DO IT. But warning liberal or conservative you may be offended . I however laughed my ass off watching it!

If I wouldn’t have to move my own thread I would put this in politics :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Where is it? Have heard nothing of it.

It’s on CBS. Don’t know what day. DVR I have records all prime time shows on the big 4.

To show you how irreverent. Hillary Clinton played a the part of someone interviewing to be Murphy’s secretary. She said no I’m Hilary Clenton . . one L. So they are talking and Murphy asks if she’s good with technology and Hilary says “I have a little problem with e-mail”.

Things like that. Or one of the hosts of the program questioning the EPA director and starts having a “Hot flash” and rambling on about how ice is needed, and earth is just having a hot flash and starts to rip her shirt open, then the EPA director falls through some thin ice.

I thought it was great and as you said nothing / nobody was off limits to be ripped to shreds.

With all the snowflakes on both sides (liberals & conservatives) if they keep doing like the premier CBS is gonna get a lot of mail to cancel the show. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

For a TV reboot this was pretty good. I was interested to see what they would do with it and for the most part it seemed to work. Even HRC came across as kind of likable.

I plan to watch it again next week if I have a chance.

Loved the tech guy looking at the flip phone

gasp I’ve only seen pictures of these!

I seriously tried to get a job on this show.

Didn’t work out for various reasons.

i think that all involved did a great job.

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The reviews were pretty negative, and the comment boards have been pretty brutal. But I did see one comment that expressed pretty much what I was thinking - that whether you liked MB or hated it, there does seem to be something very dated in a sitcom set around a television show or newsroom. It was a hit in the '90s and seems very '90s to me.

Think the View, or the 5 or any of the talk/news shows on fox cnn, MSNBC and the big three.

There are still shows like the old MB on tv today. (you know REAL shows not a sitcom)

So last night, I watched the last 15 minutes of the show, it was enough for me to get the gist.
But - and this is just a subjective reaction - I thought Candice Bergen looked uncomfortable. I don’t know another way to express it. She seemed wooden, unengaged - there were a few times in a two shot where I actually thought they used a stand-in. Just seemed to be something missing. The show isn’t my thing anyway, so maybe I’m seeing something her fans aren’t or vice versa.

She’s always like that. I was an extra in a made for TV movie she stared in. Even in that one she looked that way (no I didn’t meet her) when I watched the movie apparently she was in the same room I was in, but I never saw or met her).

Now the question is (I havn’t seen last nights yet) did any of the jabs and humor make you laugh :smiley:

I used to enjoy the old MB show and I think the new one really picks up nicely where it left off. I’m glad they got so much of the old cast back - basically all of the cast that is still alive. I think they did a good job with it.

I still remember the whole issue with Quayle and MB and the whole surreal situation where the VP make a comment about a TV show and then his comment and reaction wound up on that same TV show.