The New Movie Glass

I saw the new movie Glass today, and I thought it was great.

It was the third part of the Unbreakable trilogy which began with Unbreakable, then it continued with Split.

It was a fitting conclusion to the trilogy.

I enjoyed watching the film and recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an B+.


I saw it today as well. I didn’t even realize it was part of a trilogy - now I want to see the other 2 movies.

If you haven’t seen the other movies in the trilogy, don’t worry - it is really good as a standalone movie. The first part of the movie kind of develops the characters enough that you will know what is going on.

Just saw Unbreakable for the first time last night. Very good film.

I’ve seen unbreakable. I had no idea there was a second. Guess I’ll catch that one before glass releases from the theaters.