The New American "Right"

While I don’t agree with all of it, or some of the people he labels as conservative, I thought this article has a lot of really good points.

This in particular was spot on;

Movement conservatism was born in the 1950s with Buckley as its very proud papa. It was a distinctly defensive political philosophy. Buckley’s most famous aphorism, that the conservative must stand athwart history yelling “stop” makes this obvious. It was not a call to advance, to fix bayonets and charge ahead, but rather an exercise in trench digging. This initial for form of modern conservatism can be called 1st Wave. It can also be referred to as Cold War conservatism. Its catch words were small government, big military, and traditional values.

All in all a pretty good overview.


“The time for conservative deciding has passed. The decision has been made and the American conservative movement is now a populist, nationalist, Reform Party minded body.”

Nothing like doubling down on a movement which cost you guys the House, Senate and White House over the course of 4 years. It’s a good overview of a political party that is punching itself in the face.

I can’t speak about the “new American right” but as a conservative, nothing has changed…nor will it. My road was established years ago by those that brought me into this world regarding telling the truth, giving your best efforts in all that you do, stay true to your word, honor your commitments, excel in your responsibilities and place those you love…before yourself. It’s a great road that brings great happiness and what most people never realize is that true happiness, comes from the happiness you bring to others. True conservatives also know that this internal happiness doesn’t come from money, social standing, assets or any of the other mirages being portrayed as the basis of happiness as is being preached by the likes of Hollywood. It comes from loving The Lord and others as yourself and this will never change.


And then you voted for Donald Trump, who believes exactly the opposite. :smile:


True but Trump never identified as a true conservative I think that’s the point. It was, I guess, the only thing he was honest about. Apart from the play acting at the DC church and the odd, ver odd when it didn’t interfere with his golf, trip to a house of worship he never proclaimed to be a Christian

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A very motivating article. It will be effective.


If you have two choices that do not represent what you believe and stand for, what are you forced to do? The next thing is regarding all that I mentioned, who is in the WH has little to do with it. If you don’t understand that, all that I said just went “swoooooooooosh”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Don’t vote. Or, you can come here everyday to lecture people on what “true conservatives” stand for while supporting politicians who believe exactly the opposite.


Yeah…and get Hillary. Are you that foolish? BTW…you don’t have to answer that. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


So option 2. Got it.

I know. That’s why you didn’t have to answer. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Answer what?

so trump doesnt stand for what you belive in and yet you defend him every day…

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I defend his performance. That’s what I voted for. Now…you ready? President Obama without question displayed the way I believe a man should treat his wife and raise his children. Trump didn’t do that. Now …vs Clinton, he was the much better choice and he proved to be very good at getting things done, that he promised he would.

wheres his great healthcare plan?
or his taxes?
did he not play golf like he promised?
did he eliminate the deficit like he promised?
de he give us 4% growth?
did mexico pay for his wall?
did he protect americans with preexisting conditions?

I can go on and on


He lied.

Mexico did pay for the wall by one, harboring those that had to stay in Mexico until their court case came, the increased military forces used to patrol the border and all of the money saved taxpayers by those that didn’t get into the country thanks to Mexico’s help.

The rest of your rant is lib foolishness.

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Move those goalposts, yeah!!!


Awfully sorry I stand corrected. So he “identifies” as a born again conservative

The problem.

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