The national debt: Are you part of the problem, or the solution?

If you continue to give your own party, which ever that party is, a pass, then you are part of the problem. Once you free yourselves from the lies of your own politicians, you will be able to admit that both parties absolutely, positively suck regarding the national debt. It didn’t start with Obama, or Trump. It’s been that way for over 50 years. Both parties love to pat themselves on the back and boast every time there is a minor, temporary down tic in the deficit. Who cares about a stupid temporary trend? It means nothing. Both parties continue to spend like a drunken sailors on shore leave. The competition is not about which party is fiscally responsible, it’s about which one sucks the least. And right now it’s a tie. They are both horrible. If you are simply pointing fingers at the other party and while ignoring the sins of your own pathetic politicians, then you are a groupthink zombie incapable of independent thought. Demand more from your party BEFORE you point fingers at the others.

Give Trump a pass on doubling the deficit. Shocking coming from you.

No, it’s not anywhere close to a tie.

Time after time Democrats take control of the White House and the deficit begins to shrink. They are then replaced by Republicans who outright lie to the American people about their ability to shrink the deficit at a greater rate through some pipe dream they concocted.

And then, well we are living through it once again. More inane tax cuts that we were promised would spur on the next Golden Age. More money for the military. And then the best part. Average workers told it is now their turn to foot the bill for all of the recklessness.

And hey, it’s fine. I’m sure some Republican politicians will have a great deal of success in 2024 lying to the American people once again about debt and the deficit. The cycle will continue.


Where did that come from? I said nothing of the sort. You completely made that up. In case you didn’t catch it the first time I will put it in bold. BOTH PARTIES ABSOLUTELY SUCK REGARDING THE NATIONAL DEBT. We are obsessed with finger pointing when our own party, Democrat or republican has been woefully irresponsible. Clear enough this time?

BTW a small down tic in the defict only does one thing. Increases the national debt. It’s been that way for over 50 years.

You said to point fingers at your own to everyone else but you won’t. Curious.

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I wonder if we will be hearing about the national debt when the democrats take control and propose a 35 trillion Medicare for all plan as well as costly global warming programs? Nah I don’t think so.

I mentioned Trump by name and you missed it. Curious. I mentioned both parties and you missed it, Curious. I blamed our lame assed politicians and you blamed me. Curious.

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Okay so just say Trump was wrong to cut taxes and double the deficit and I’ll believe you’re sincere. If you already did it, shouldn’t be hard, right?

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Republicans only blame democrats for the national debt. The democrats only blame republicans for the national debt. They are both horrible. Welcome to Zombie land.

Again, you are locked in to one thought. One avenue of blame. Over the past 50 years we have had tax, cuts and tax increases. Through it all, the debt did nothing but go up. We are at the point where we cannot tax ourselves out of this mess. A real plan is in order. And neither party has one.

We know that you blame Trump. I get it. You have mentioned it several times. I do too. I blame every politician we have had over the past 50 years. Do you think your politicians are great?

And back in reality…

Clinton in the White House? Deficits shrunk to the point we actually had surpluses.

Bush in the White House? Tax cuts! Wars that weren’t paid for! Deregulation! And he left office with the economy heading off of the cliff and deficits exploding.

Obama? Cut deficits by more than half during his time in office. Inherited an absolutely rancid economy and it turned around under his watch into a period of sustained, solid growth.

Trump? Promises to absolutely eliminate the entire debt, not just the deficit. Has instead doubled the deficit with no sign of that changing any time in the near future.

We can all pretend that something else happened or that both sides have shown equally poor leadership on this issue, but that just isn’t true.


You’re little both sides!!!11! tirade doesn’t hold up to even cursory examination.

What makes Trump’s skyrocketing deficit especially egregious is that it’s occurring during a period of relatively strong economic performance, exactly the period during which deficits should be made to shrink. It’s a colossal blunder, and it’s the Republicans who are 100% behind it.


You’re telling everyone to pull the log from their own eye before pointing out the mote in others’ but you’re unwilling to do it yourself. Makes it sound like you’re just deflecting from your boy.


At this point, if you vote Republican you are part of the problem. They are the party that is “fiscally conservative.” However, what they mean by that is they are for low taxes and high deficits with some vague promise that in the future the government will have to curtail spending because they can’t borrow to infinity.

I don’t blame the Democrats because they don’t run on being fiscally conservative. They just want to raise taxes. Which, ironically, is fiscally conservative if you are continuing the spending.

We need to raise taxes to escape this debt nightmare because both parties will not stop spending.

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Doing my part. I live in a blue state that contributes a lot more in federal taxes than we get back.

Best thing we could do is cut off the flow of money to the welfare states. They need to start doing their part.


Both-siderism almost always benefits the side of dishonesty and bad faith, i.e., the American right/GOP.

Post-Obama (after, for example, Democrats tied themselves and the ACA legislation up in knots to make it “deficit neutral” while making the policy worse and deriving no political benefits), the Democrats should let the GOP talk about the deficit and the debt among themselves. Its their playing field; just talking about it benefits the GOP; the Democrats are at a structural disadvantage making it an issue, even if they’re demonstrably more effective on it.


I agree with that assessment. I remember under Obama which I admired him for formed the Simpson/Bowles non partisan committee to look into the problem. They both came back and said “Were Screwed” and the only way out was to cut spending and increase taxes. They were quietly sweeped under the rug, that was 10 trillion ago.

I vote for candidates who want are for raising taxes, especially on the very wealthy. So sorry, but I’m not part of the problem.

OTOH, I’m 100% sure that Trump voters loved the Republicans tax reform that Trump signed into law and has caused the latest explosion in the deficit.

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Never had a surplus. National debt went up even in those years. (This is not to discount the best-year-on-record-in -a-long-time that occurred when Clinton was in office. Don’t get me wrong.)

I will also say that the budget gains in those years blindsided even Bill Clinton. Go back to the campaign rhetoric of both Dole and Clinton leading up to Clinton’s term. Both were predicting the achievement of balanced budgets many years in the future.

I’m not altair, but for me, Trump’s growing deficits are wrong. He did what Brownback did in Kansas: Cut taxes without an offsetting cut in spending. I’m not going to say Trump was wrong to cut taxes. But he most certainly is wrong not to be cutting spending by even more than the cut in taxes.

WHERE is the Tea Party? Sean and Rush should be screaming at them to get to work!!