The mystery of disappearing stories

i think i asked the question in the Op of why after the cold war did the state department budget increase by a factor of six.

the big increases under Bush and Obama.

War on Terror.

War on terror involved the cia to a very large extent. is the cia funded through they state department? if so who controls the policy

State Department very involved as well.

Counterterrorism Office is under State as well as several Terrorism Task Forces.

No. The CIA is independent from both Defense and State.

any chance you can in form on the reasons for the massive increase in state dept outlays

This might help :

So might this:

But I don’t think either of these sources is going to give you the line item spending breakdown you are looking for.

It appears the State Department has been working with the Socalist organizations like Civil Society 2.0 and Soros NGO’s in attacking Conservative Governments.

That is why Yovanovitch told the Ukraine Prosecutor who he couldn’t prosecute, she was protecting them.