The Movie Knives Out

I saw the mystery-thriller Knives Out today and loved it.

I loved the performances as well as the twists and turns and the film’s humor. Rian Johnson did a wonderful job directing this film.

I definitely recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an A-.


Well done mystery. Christie and her style of mystery is making a bit of a come back.

Thanks. The trailers look good, but sometimes they are the whole movie.

Speaking of which, the trailer for “1917” looks great! I am looking forward to seeing it.

This isn’t coming out until February.

Looks like an instant classic.

Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford and a true to novel Saint Bernard mix as Buck.


Planning to see it next weekend, if it’s nice out. Love that it’s kind of a tribute to Agatha Christie. I love her books - how she can take the most common, mundane setting- a little village where everyone knows each other - and inject fear into it…a woman hanging out her clothes to dry, and she’s found strangled in the clothesline with her tongue protruding (always a little graphic) in broad daylight.

I saw that trailer, too.

Looks like the dog is (mostly) CGI? Had an artificial feel to me, maybe.

Reviews are universally positive to absolutely glowing, this one is definitely on my list.

Thumbs up!

Yep. Even CGI will be Impressive. Doing scenes that would otherwise be dangerous if not impossible.

Just saw Knives Out - loved it!

All CGI …