The movie BlacKkKlansMan

I saw the Spike Lee film BlacKkKalnsman today, and it was a solid and powerful film.

I enjoyed the storyline of the film as well as some of the humor.

The Charlotteville footage at the end of the movie was simply powerful.

It’s a great film to see.

I give it a grade of an A-.



Agree- an excellent movie. Spike Lee’s second best. (Malcolm X still # 1).

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I saw it today too. It was great.

This is probably Lee’s best work.

Really strong acting. He balances comedy and drama extremely well, and makes his points about how hate destroys society in a very forceful and intelligent manner.

Some Trumpsters will not like the fact he’s calling out the Alt-Right at the end. The KKK says “America First” over and over again, and there’s a line where one of the characters says, “Someday we will elect a president who reflects Duke’s views.” Ouch.

But overall, it should be enjoyable for all political viewpoints. It’s about the dangers of hate and living in a society of division rather than unity.

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With a special cameo by Trump.

Thanks for the reviews. I’ll have to check this one out.