The most important Senator says no to $2,000 checks

Joe says no.

2021 is becoming real clear real fast. lol



It’s Joe’s world, and I’m not talking about Biden.

My guess is there isn’t enough pork of his choice yet.


Meh. They don’t need him with a few republicans on board.

As first priority. Not that he doesn’t support them at all.

Murkowski and Collins will say yes. Game over.

I expect them both to become “fiscally conservative” once a Democrat is in office.

Oh â– â– â– â–  !

Kinda missing the point.

you dont need 2000 dollars


only if there were someone in govt who thinks 2000 dollars would be good for americans…

oh well


There was no point made.

Oh there’s a point. And Manchin made it.


Maybe he’s angling for all the kkk byrd stuff to be renamed after him.

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We lied about wanting to help Americans.

-signed the Democrats


Except he then tweeted if checks do go out, they needed to be targeted to those in need.

That tells me his salvo was simply his starting position.

I agree with him on that. First stimulus, I got a check.

I don’t need one.

I think that we and Joe have to wait and see what Biden’s plan is.
Biden said today that assistance has to be better targeted to help those who need relief.
I think everyone needs to wait and see what the plan is.

He won’t be much longer.

By the time you go though designing the hoops one has to go through to prove need, those in need will be in need of another stimulus payment and probably a lot more.