The Misfortune To Be Born In Such A Horrible Country

And that’s what a century of commie fear mongers say…. In one form or another

Any day now.

Well said. Not even a tad idealistic.

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It was working. Still is. Commies are famous for purges.

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I have a dream…

I am sure. Like i said. 100 years later…. Any day now.

It’s going to be fun with gop sweeps into congress and educators get called to testify “have you or anyone you know ever ….” Well you get the gist. Can’t wait.

It’s gonna be as fun as the insurrection stuff before we whatabout it to the current commitee

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Describe that “better” country please.

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For example?

Like what? Bonus points if you can avoid the words “Russian collusion”.

I’m as independent as a married person can be. I have a well paying job. I’m not on welfare.

lol… what? I support freedom. What are you talking about.

Based on my many years here I’m a lot more honest then a bunch of y’all.

Got that too. Why would you think otherwise?

I build websites. Though I’m trying to learn Fusion 360 so I can also build things with the 3D printer i just got.

You don’t know me beyond my posts… you can’t make these blanket assumptions and also claim you have integrity and are honest.

If you left the forums and never came back today, there would still be a right-wing majority here.

If thats your goal then you should actually get to know us instead of lying about a caricature you made up in your head.


Better thinkers realize that Marxism is only one tool that falls under the umbrella of collectivism. Globalism, feminism, fascism, Marxism, and even so-called conservatism are all used to corral people into supporting the collective over individuals.

Collective goals existed before Marx.

It won’t be “any day now” until our guns are gone. The commies realized they couldn’t do it by force in the United States because of our Constitution, so they have played the long game. They have used the tactic of incrimentalism through education, finance, media and politics to get us where we are at this point, and they are continuing to “progress” on.

Right. As I said, Marxism is only one tool among many used to achieve collectivist goals.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :grinning: Well said.

Common goals are not a bad thing.

The difference is in Marxism, collectivism is the goal.

As long as they don’t trample on the individual. When emminent domain is used to build a Wal-Mart by trampling on the rights of individual land owners in the name of the “common good”, I have a problem with it.


I sure wish some prog could explain what this “better country” will look like.

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You and me both.


How about to build a fun center for transgender children and BIPOC single lesbian mothers?

If they buy up eligible land and some local government didn’t have to displace a farmer or other private land owner, I don’t care. I am 100% in favor of individual rights.