The Misfortune To Be Born In Such A Horrible Country

I understand many of you are upset you had the misfortune to be born in the US instead of Norway or some other Utopia. I’m sorry for you.

What this country is is a some total of it’s parts plus - a synergistic effect.

When you demand (like a petulant child) and get change without considering the depth or width of the consequences, you run the risk of toppling the structure.

That is the foundation of conservatism. Good change, done well, for the right reasons.

All change is not “progress.”


I was just discussing this horrible country with a Nigerian immigrant.

He doesn’t see it that way.


My boss is Igbo. Both he and his wife. He doesn’t see it that way either. Yet he full understands there are areas of improvement. I happen to agree with him

If it’s so bad here, why are so many trying to migrate here all the time ?

They’re not trying storming Venezuela’s borders.

You either didn’t understand or ignored the op.

Better never means better for everyone, it always means worse for some.

Your “improvement” is not an improvement for me.


I’ll never understand why the left wants to live under much higher taxes and less freedom. Maybe they think only their opponents will have to abide? This is what the leftist politicians think of their followers:

Hello subjects


Forgive me… but when I see this

Coming from someone who supports laws like any of the Florida gay, trans, crt laws. Without considering the depth or width… well lol

What do conservatives say… oh “then you can leave”

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I have a contract. You have petulant fee fees. No consideration for consequences.

Who instigated the change?

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Conservatives, you support.

There was no law requiring the teaching of gay, trans or crt. Yet conservatives responded to their Feefees with bills banning. They did so without ANY evidence.

That’s the definition of being a child and you support it.

No, they didn’t. Those laws were in response. You aren’t being honest.

Yet it was being taught. There is a ton of evidence, you just won’t be honest.

Is it?

Are you mad living in California about a law in Florida?


In response to what? Florida has 4200 schools. How prevalent was it?

See above.

This is about your support for the law. You live in Texas yet love the law.

All I need is one. How prevelant is it country-wide? Leading indicators.

No, this is about you having the misfortune to be born in such a horrible country.

If you want to rehash the most excellent Florida response to the Crit Trash, go post in that thread and I’ll be along to give you yet another spanking.

What you want is incompatible with liberalism. It is a worsening for me. What gives you the right to impose your “values” on me?


Can we not be critical of our homeland and also not think its horrible? Some aspects suck, some aspects are awesome, and most fall somewhere in between.

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You can, right up to the point where you impose your “values” on me in breach of contract. That’s the line. Always has been.


:man_shrugging: You can’t satisfy everyone in a democratic republic.

Hence the contract.

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Regardless of the contract.

Oh no! You don’t get to do that.


Why not?

And to clarify, is this contract you speak of the Constitution or something else?

Leftists believe they will be rewarded for their support of those trying to destroy this country. I’m afraid they are in for a very rude disappointment. History shows that when they are denied the perks they believed they would receive, they then turn on their former masters and are then the first to be eliminated.
History: Rince and Repeat